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Dryer missing parts and Support told me too bad and hung up

i just spent 45 mins on hold trying to get a hold of support and when i finally did talk to them, Carols. he told me that i didn't buy the "steam kit" (that neither bestbuy nor the mfg reference or sell) for my washer and that the installers took the parts i could have reused from my last dryer and threw them out. i was upset and asked for a manager at which point he kept talking and talking and when i raised my voice to say "can i please talk to the manager" again, he hung up.


I bought an $1,800 samsung dryer (with steam) [DVE60M9900V - Samsung - 7.5 cu. ft. 12-Cycle FlexDry Electric Dryer with Steam - Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel] and paid for "Professional Services with Delivery + Electric Dryer Installation & Required Parts" as well as haul-away of the old units.


No where on the bestbuy website does anything say that you need additional parts or kits to make the steam function on the dryer work. Bestbuy only recommends the Pedestal as an optional accessory. IF it was an optional accessory i probably would have happily paid for it along with the 4-wire cord i didn't need.


Also, the tech initially mis-wired the dryer and whined when i saw what he'd done. he told that it was how he wired all the 4-wire cords, bond the neutral to the frame of the dryer so that every piece of exposed metal everywhere on the dryer is electrified if there's an imbalance in the circuit.


my botch dryer came with everything we needed to hook up the steam. i don't know why this one didn't as well


I also can't figure out why the tech's who were installing the unit didn't use the parts i had on-hand to hook it up properly or at the very least - say something!


i really just want someone to raplace the parts that were thrown out.

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Re: Dryer missing parts and Support told me too bad and hung up

Hello, 202102151351, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for posting on our forum for support. Purchasing a new appliance is a big deal, and we'd expect the delivery and installation of your dryer to go smooth from start to finish. I hate to hear about the issues you encountered with the parts needed for the steam function. In addition, I can understand wanting the installation of this unit to be addressed.


I'd like the chance to look into this and assist. To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number. Also, please explain if any of your concerns have been addressed yet. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


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