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Dryer dropped off and not installed.

Good Morning:
I writing  with hopes of finding a resolution to a customer service problem with Best Buy. 
I purchased a dryer from Best Buy - order details are attached to this email. The dryer was delivered yesterday and was supposed to be installed by hooking up the venting hose and plugging it in. It was not installed.
The two service agents pulled the semi-flexible tubing up through the floor and attempted to duct tape the hose to the dryer. They then attempted to push it back through the floor, install the new semi-flexible connector to the back of the dryer, and then duct tape the two hose parts together. That also failed. So they duct taped the hose to the back of the dryer, said they couldn't push the dryer back into the laundry closet, said they were only suppose to stay 15 minutes, took my dryer (which had been hooked up and was working!), and left. 
The dryer was 3" outside of the laundry closet so that I could not close the laundry closet door, and the laundry door which wouldn't close was in the way of the door to the garage which we also couldn't close. There are a few photos to show how the dryer installation looked when the service agents left. I had to pay a plumber for extra time to move the dryer back a few inches so that I could close the door to the garage. As he was moving it back, he showed me a place on the side of the dryer where the vent could have been installed.
I signed the required papers stating that I had received the dryer but that it was not installed. I assumed that I could call customer service and have the problem resolved quickly because we have always been impressed with Best Buy customer service. This was not the case with this appliance purchase.
So now I have a dryer sitting at an angle in the laundry closet which isn't hooked up. I have contacted Best Buy customer service ten times, at least, over eight hours, and have no resolution. I have been disconnected after long waiting times on the phone, etc, etc.
I would like someone to resolve this issue, either by installing the dryer properly or by picking it up for a return so that I can purchase one from a company that will install it properly.
I'm asking for your attention to this matter. Please advise
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Re: Dryer dropped off and not installed.

Hi, Johnc790,


Thanks for making your first post with us.

It's understandable that you were looking forward to using your new dryer. I'm sorry that your installation wasn't completed as expected. We do have a dedicated team that assists with installation issues, such as the one you are describing. Please connect with our Geek Squad Client Care team through their direct line at (800) 304-1259. This team accepts calls from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT, seven days a week, and will be able to help get this straightened out.



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