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Dissatisfied Customer

I recently purchased a new home and wanted to use Best Buy for all my appliance and home electronic needs.  I figured it would be easiest and most cost effective to bundle all my TV's/Washer/Dryer/Refrigerator in one purchase.  I purchased almost $8,000 worth of product at the Montgomeryville, PA store and had an awesome experience with the sales consultant, Young, who was knowledgeable, honest and courteous.  Everything since the in store experience has been a complete disaster. 


A week before my scheduled delivery for the appliances I realized the propane dryer I ordered wouldn't work in my home, so I attempted to contact Customer Support to resolve the issue by swapping out the propane dryer for an electric one.  Seems like a simple request.  I was told by the representative that there was a glitch in the system which wouldn't allow them to do the exchange and that I should visit one of the physical locations where I would have better luck.  That same day, I returned to the store where I purchased the dryer to handle the exchange.  After a long and tiresome encounter I was told that they couldn't process my exchange and was given two options - the first was to cancel the entire order, meaning none of my appliances would be sent on the set delivery date and the second was to have the propane dryer delivered and refuse acceptance on its delivery, which would still allow for the remaining appliances to be delivered and installed.  After choosing the second option, I was told by the in store representative that I could come back into the store or call Customer Service after 24 hours to cancel the propane dryer and replace it with the electric dryer.  The representatives in store apologized for the inconvenience and I left incredibly frustrated that there were no other options.  I could not and still don't understand how I was unable to cancel the product, which wasn't delivered to my residence yet, and exchange it for a different product.  How was it that the only reasonable option was to wait until the product I did not want showed up on my doorstep, only to inform the people who loaded it onto the truck that I am refusing the product.  Why couldn't this be handled in advance, being that I informed you well in advance of it being loaded onto the truck for delivery? 


Today, over 72 hours from when I informed the delivery service that I was refusing the dryer, I attempted to contact Customer Service to handle the situation and was told that I still could not cancel the dryer but I would be contacted "most likely" in 24 hours at which time I would be able to.  I then decided to go to the Quakertown, PA store to get some answers.  Luckily, the rep I dealt with, Lee, was very understanding of my situation and went above what anyone else has to this point to help me out.  Lee explained that the third party delivery service hadn't updated their system, which showed that the dryer was still on the truck and that there was nothing he could do until this was changed.  Lee checked the pricing of the product I wanted at all competitors and offered a $100 discount for the trouble. 


This has been an absolute inconvenience for me and my family.  We were so excited to move into our new house, our first house, with all new appliances and now we will be left without a dryer for several weeks due to a flawed system, and on top of that I now have to spend more money to fix it.  The dryer I wanted was in stock on clearance at the time I wanted to cancel in store but is now discontinued and out of stock.  And the only comparable electric dryer to the one I bought is several hunderd dollars more, even with the discount that Lee offered.  To top it all off, I now have to take an additional day off work so I can be there for the delivery and install, which will most likely be late and outside the 4 hour window gap that I'm always given, which will further infuriate me becuase at that point I would be home and not have had to take off work.


Me and my family have been loyal Best Buy customers for over 20 years but if this situation isn't corrected this will be our last purchase. 

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Re: Dissatisfied Customer

Hello, VisionPB2, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out to us through the forum for support. Also, I'd like to thank you for choosing Best Buy for all your appliance and home electronic needs. These kind of purchases are very important and a big deal, and I wish you would have had a better experience with your dryer purchase specifically. I can understand your frustrations with this cancellation and reordering process.


I'd like the chance to look into this further and do what I can to assist with your new electric dryer that you need. Can you please share where things stand now with the original order? Have you been able to refuse/cancel it and place a new order?


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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