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Dishwasher installation

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On 9/30 the serviceman came to my home to install a dishwasher. Upon arriving he asked to use my bathroom. He then proceeded to use my bathroom 3 additional times.He kept turning up the music on his phone to overpower the noise of him using the bathroom. He had diarrhea and I could hear him from my office, He returned to the kitchen profusely sweating. He obviously was sick. While I sympathize with being sick. We are in a global pandemic.. He should not come to work if he is sick and definitely not use my bathroom over and over again. When he left. I found stool on the floor and seat. It took over an hour to disinfect and clean. My kids don't even leave poop on the seat or the floor. It is absolutely absurd that a tech fro mBest Buy would do this in a customer's home.
Upon pulling out the dishwasher, he indicated that it was hard wired and an outlet needed to be added. It would cost $200. That should have been mentioned before removing the dishwasher. He asked for tupperware to clean and gather any excess water, He left that water filled tupperware in my cabinet. There was also dirt and water in  2 cabinets,
'He also indicated that he would be adding a stainless steel hose and he added a rubber hose. The hose is so large I cannot turn my lazy susan, I will need to hire a plumber to replace it. He charged an additional  $40 for the hose and never advised of the price.
Before he left he charged my card and asked for a tip. I felt intimidated, He had mentioned a story of a man who was rude to him. He called him a jerk and he said he left a dead mouse in his cabinet. He thought it was funny.
So when he left. I found screws all over my floor, there was dirt and debris everywhere. He never put down a mat or anything. What if my pet or kid stepped on them? You can still see the wood shaving in the cabinet. I spent over an hour cleaning when he left. 
I also noticed that the outlet was installed on a 45 degree angle. I will need to replace the side of my cabinet and hire an electrician to install the outlet properly, It is not even fully attached to the wall.
I am not sure why employees are not vetted out prior to letting them in homes. This is absolutely the most disturbing and crazy experience I have encountered with a service man.  I am at the point where I am not paying for this dishwasher. This whole thing has been really disturbing. Intimidating single moms is awful and your company should not be an advocate for this behavior. Upcharging is crazy too and having techs demand a tip, really. Is this what your company is about?
Attached are two photos of the hose and hte outlet.
I really hope you stop allowing this type of person and behavior with Best Buy,
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Re: Dishwasher installation

Good afternoon, Shanashe,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums and letting us know about your experience with this delivery appointment. We strive to provide expert service no matter how you shop with us so it's very concerning to hear about your experience. We expect all of our Agents to keep safety inside your home a top priority so I'd certainty like to make sure your feedback about this service appointment gets to the right place.


Using the information associated with your forum account, I see that you have been working with one of our Executive Support Specialists. Please continue to work with them towards resolution. Don't hesitate to let me know if I can help with any unrelated matters!

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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