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Dishwasher delivery/installation was canceled twice at the last minute, bad experience

We ordered a dishwasher on 11/11, we were told the delivery/installation would be in the following week by the sales person at the store when we were still looking around, then were told it would be on 11/24 when we checked out later on. After about 2-week's waiting, we got a few confirmation calls on 11/23 saying the delivery was set for the next day, then unexpectedly, around 7:15pm that night we were told the delivery needed to be rescheduled to 12/1. Ok, we could wait another week although we were hoping we could use the new dishwasher ASAP since our old one wasn't working properly. Then today (11/30) after receiving a few confirmation calls/emails for tomorrow's delivery/installation from Best Buy, we were pretty sure tomorrow was the day. We were ready for that. Then around 9:30pm, we got an emai saying the delivery/installation was canceled. What, again?! Why? Then we called the customer service, the lady told us the delivery was still on according to what she saw from the computer, good, that's reassuring. However, after 10pm, two more emails came in saying we needed to schedule a new delivery since the one for tomorrow was canceled. Are you kidding me? What should we do, whom should we trust, what's going on? We had to make another call around 11pm to see what's really going on. We were hoping the emails were some mistakes. This time, unfortunately, the same lady told us the delivery for tomorrow was indeed canceled and the earliest delivery date would the on 12/10. We couldn't believe it, why it's canceled again? We have to wait about a month to get the new dishwasher, and there is nothing we could do about it! It's so frustrating and disappointing! The dishwasher we bought is not from the factory, it's from the store directly, why we have to wait for a month? There were no reasonable explanations for both cancellations, the answer we got was the dishwasher wasn't delivered to the warehouse from the store yet. Then why didn't Best Buy make sure it was delivered to the warehouse before they made those delivery confirmation calls/emails. Why they had to cancel the delivery/installation at the last minute? What if we didn't check emails after 10pm? Why it took so long for Best Buy to send the dishwasher from the store to the warehouse? We don't have much experience from Best Buy. The reason we decided to buy the dishwasher from Best Buy this time was because we thought Best Buy was a reliable company. It sounds like a cool place to buy stuff, but seems like it was a wrong impression (is it? I surely hope not). Anyway, didn't expect we would have this kind of bad experienc from Best Buy. Hope other people would have better luck! Lastly, hope the delivery/installation on 12/10 would not be canceled the 3rd time! It's 12/1 now, I started writing this post around 11:45pm on 11/30. 

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Re: Dishwasher delivery/installation was canceled twice at the last minute, bad experience

Hello, Haifeng1,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our online community, albeit we wish the circumstances that brought you here had been regarding a positive experience. Purchasing a new dishwasher should be a seamless experience. Based on your description, there have been a few rescheduled deliveries, and the communication surrounding that service has not reflected our expectations. We appreciate you making us aware, as we certainly want to offer any support we’re able.


If this is something you are still in need of assistance with, please feel free to send a Private Message. For verification purposes, we will need to confirm your full name, email address, and telephone number. To get started, simply select the darker blue button across from my signature.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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