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Dishwasher delivery & install never happened, marked as complete in BBY's system

I have been going back and forth with customer service all week and I'm getting nowhere. I need someone at Best Buy to take ownership of my case and actually see it through instead of being told "someone will call you back tomorrow" after being told "someone will call you back tomorrow" every day all week and never receiving that promised callback.


I purchased a dishwasher on August 26 in-person from my local Best Buy store. I paid for an LG dishwasher, delivery & install, the installation kit, a service plan, and haul-away service of my old dishwasher. The sales person booked a delivery window with me of Saturday, September 4, between 7 AM and 9 AM. During the week, no one is home, so deliveries and installs have to happen on the weekend. Upon checkout, for whatever reason, my rewards certificates were not applied (I had saved up $85 worth of rewards certificates). So the sales person had to involve a manager to do some sort of modification to my purchase and the manager was able to apply my rewards. I charged the other $1100 to my Best Buy card. But at this point I now had two receipts. I did receive an email confirming my installation time, and it was on the paperwork Sarah gave me along with my receipts. 


On Friday, September 3, I received an email from Best Buy telling me my delivery was scheduled for Saturday September 4 between 3 PM and 6 PM. This was not the delivery window I had selected, so I found it odd that the email didn't acknowledge the time had changed, it looked like a regular reminder email, but for whatever reason my delivery time had changed. I also received a voicemail telling me the same information.


On Saturday, September 4, I waited all day and my dishwasher never came. I was there during my original delivery window, my new delivery window, and the several hours in between. No phone calls, no text messages, no emails, and no dishwasher. At 6 PM, at the end my new delivery window, I called customer service myself, to check on my delivery, and the person I spoke with told me the route that my dishwasher never left the warehouse, for whatever reason the driver that was supposed to do my delivery route didn't actually do their route that day. I asked about rescheduling, and was told someone from Best Buy would call me the following day to reschedule. 


Later that night, at 8:50 PM, I received a phone call from the delivery driver. Contrary to what customer service told me, the driver told me that I was his last scheduled appointment for the day, and he was planning on coming that evening, but it was too late now because he was scheduled off work at 9 PM, so he wasn't going to come. I asked him about rescheduling as well, and he told me someone from Best Buy would call me the following day to reschedule.


No one called me on Sunday September 5, or Monday September 6. As Monday was a holiday, I waited until Tuesday, and still hadn't received a phone call or email, so I called Customer Support myself. I explained the situation, and asked to reschedule. I was told that my order was marked as complete in Best Buy's system, That my dishwasher is marked as delivered and installed. Except, it's not, because I never got it. I was told that they had to escalate the issue and that someone would call me the following day.


No one called the following day. This became a pattern. I have called Best Buy customer support every single day about this same issue, and every single time I am told they are escalating the issue to a supervisor, and somoene will call me back the next day, but that follow up call never comes. 


I have asked Best Buy to locate the dishwasher, they tell me I have it according to their systems, when I in fact do not. I have asked for a refund, I am told that in order to get a refund I have to return the dishwasher, when I in fact never received it. My issue has been escalated by customer service *FIVE TIMES* and no one from escalations has ever called me back. 


Then, this morning I received a phone call from the delivery company, telling me that I have an appointment for today for an install, but that they don't have the dishwasher because according to their system it was already delivered, just not installed. Delivered to who? Because it wasn't me. Also I never made an appointment for today. I don't know where this appointment came from. 


This is ridiculous. I didn't just give Best Buy $1100 just because I felt like giving them money. I want a dishwasher. Where is my dishwasher? Can anyone please find my dishwasher? Or can I get a refund? Please? I need my dishwasher installed or I need a refund, but I am certainly not going to just pay Best Buy for prodcuts and service without receiving them. I really need someone at Best Buy to take ownership of this case and see it through. Everyone I've spoken to just makes notes in the account and then tells me a supervisor will call me back. I need someone to actually follow through. 

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Re: Dishwasher delivery & install never happened, marked as complete in BBY's system

Hello, jerwiles,


Welcome to our online community. This is a great place to come for support, as our team of moderators is always happy to help. Based on your description of events, it is clear things did not go as planned with your order. If you did not receive your new dishwasher, I understand why you would be seeking guidance and support. As a consumer myself, I would certainly want someone to assist with a timely resolution, which is why I want to do all I can to help.


So I may begin my investigation, I will first need to gather the necessary information. When convenient, please send a Private Message. For verification purposes, please include your full name, email address, and telephone number. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. I look forward to hearing from you.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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