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Dishwasher Never Showed Up

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To whom it may concern,


I'm just here to post a complaint because I couldn't seem to find an official manner for providing BestBuy with feedback regarding their appliance delivery services. If this complaint could find its way to someone who can actually help to remedy the situation, that'd be great.


I had a dishwasher delivery + installation scheduled for today (Mar. 29) 12pm-6pm.  Getting a 6-hour window with no way to track where the delivery people are is already a pain, and it's even more of a pain when 6pm rolls around and they never show up.


I called BestBuy customer service at 6pm asking where they were, and after holding for a long time, the answer I got was that "oh, so-and-so was supposed to do it but I talked to him and he said someone else was supposed to do it."  


In any event, the only option they gave me was to re-schedule to another 6 hour window on another date.  I refused this option and asked them to either cancel my order or offer me a narrower time window for the make-up delivery so that I don't have to block off yet another 6 hours during which I can't leave the house.  They said they'll try to get back to me on that, but I'm not sure if/when they will.


Anyway, I'm posting this in hopes that a BestBuy rep on this forum understands how annoying this type of experience is and will help try to remedy the situation.  Otherwise, all I can really do is cancel my order and make sure not to buy from BestBuy going forward.


Thanks for reading.