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Dishwasher Installation - Scheduling nightmare

I recently purchased a Whirlpool Dishwasher from BestBuy along with the delivery, installation and haul-away service. The delivery and haul-away service was good. When they instllation persons came, they observed water / dampness from the prior dishwasher leakage and suggested that I reschedule the installation service to allow the area to dry. From this point on everything was downhill.


At first I was told that I would be contacted by Best-Buy to reschedule the appointment within the same day. This never happened - I waited for a day and then called the customer care to schedule the installation. They said that they could look at the calendar only for the next 2 weeks and there were no slots available. It was odd that they could not even schedule an appointment for me. I then found out that I could go online and schedule the appointment. 


Feeling optimistic, I scheduled the appointment for Dec 2nd (3 weeks after my original appointment). After a while I was checking to see if there was a better date available. I found that there was an appointment slot available for Nov 24th. Feeling very happy I scheduled it - Within a couple of hours after this, I received an email from Best Buy informing me that I had to schedule an installation. I found it odd, but assumed that I had not done the prior appointment properly and managed to book another appointment for the same date / time. 


But the issue did not stop. Each time I made an appointment, I would get an email within 2-3 hours informing me that I had to schedule my installation and the prior appointment details would disappear. I then finally called Best Buy customer service again. They looked it up and said there could ahve been some issue and they did the scheduling themselves and assured that the appointment was confirmed. However, nothing changed - I got the similar email within a couple of hours that I had to schedule the installation. 


I have been on calls with Best-buy throughout the day only to be transferred across multiple departments and holds for 3+ hours with no resolution. The funny thing is the email which confirms the appointment has a link to view the appoinement details. But this page is not able to look up the installation service.


I have spoken to several Reps today and each Rep assures me that the issue is taken care of, but nothing changes. 


Right now I ahve a $1200 dishwasher that I cannot use and have no way of confirming that someone will ever come to install it. 


I have gone through the scheduling process for at least 10 times now and still cannot get the installation scheduled properly. There is a problem with your system that books the installation and the Customer Service Reps do not want to accept that. I believe there are 2 systems that do not sync - One is on the order page and the other one is on the In-Home appointment manager. When the reps book the service or when I book the service online, the order page reflects the service, but the appointment manager does not. Within a couple of hours the installation in the order page also vanishes and there is no record of schedule.


I have case id references from your reps where each have claimed to solve the issue without even understanding the problem.


I am extremely frustataed in Best Buy Customer Service team not even acknowledging the issue