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Dishwasher Installation Gone Wrong

Purchased a dishwasher from and figured it would be easy to purchase the delivery and installation as well. Never made a bigger mistake. First weekend delievery was supposed to come I got a call during window saying truck broke down so had to reschedule for following weekend. Delivery day came and they came in a rented UHAUL. Again, this should have led to me to hesitate, but I didn't think much of it and had dishwasher installed.

Fast forward about a week and in a room away I noticed the wall was now water damaged and stained from inside. Hired a contractor to come over and figure out where water was coming from. After taking down some of the wall no source of water was found. Next day i happened to run dishwasher and sure enough, instantly the rug next to the damaged wall was a pool of water. Had a plumber come over and he was able to figure out pretty quickly that the drain was connected properly and everytime that the dishwasher ran all water drained directly onto floor, and eventually settled in a wall a room away.

I notified best buy and they said it the was the third party installer issue. Received a letter from third party saying it worked and they had nothing to do with the issue. I have tried to raise this up at best buy buy no one seems to care. Additionally the third party did not provide any contact info on the letter to me so no way I can contact them to pursue any further.

If this is how Best Buy does business I am strongly suggesting that anyone I come in concact with uses one of the numerous competitors that are out there instead of having to deal with a mess that best buy wipes their hands of.


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Re: Dishwasher Installation Gone Wrong

Good Afternoon wookiegrand1,


Discovering that your new dishwasher is leaking, and causing water damage is frustrating. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to share your experience us. I’d be equally as upset as you are that you’re not getting the help you need on this matter. My sincere apologizes for our delayed response. I’d be happy to point you in the correct direction moving forward.


Have you filed a claim with Sedgwick Claim Management Services? Sedgwick is our third party partner for installations, or deliveries where damage has been reported. They’d be able to provide unbiased assistance, and partner with the third-party to get this matter looked into. Filing a claim would be the best step to take moving forward. I’m sincerely sorry this might not have been recommended prior to you. You’re welcome to file a claim regarding the damage by giving Sedgwick a call at (800) 620-7409. Please let us know if you have filed a claim, and are still seeking further assistance. We’d be happy to request a follow up from your Sedgwick case manager.



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