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Dishwasher Delivery Frustration

I just wanted to log an official complaint somewhere on record with Best Buy. We have been waiting for multiple weeks now to get a dishwasher that we ordered a few weeks ago.


Here's the timeline:

Originally we were supposed to have the dishwasher installed around 7/11 or so. The morning of the delivery, I was contacted by the delivery subcontractor who informed me that they went to the store but the unit was too badly damaged to be delivered. Best Buy never called me so I contacted you guys via online chat (after being unable to get through to Geek Squad on the phone) and rescheduled for tomorrow 7/23.


Since I had not gotten any confirmation of the 7/23 delivery, I called earlier today (7/22). I was told that our appointment had been taken off the schedule with no explanation. Nobody from Best Buy called me to inform me of this change, and the soonest we could be rescheduled was 7/25. The tech did not tell me that a separate appointment would also be required for installation, so the unit will be delivered on 7/23 and our old unit will be hauled away, but we will not have a working dishwasher until 7/25 now. This required another call to Best Buy to explain why we even needed the 2nd appointment since nobody ever mentioned a need for a 2nd apppointment until today.


My biggest frustration in all of this is that NOBODY from Best Buy has called me proactively at any point. Not when the first appointment was cancelled. Not wh.en our 7/23 appointment was cancelled without anyone telling us. And nobody explained that we'd need a 2nd separate appointment when the 7/23 date was changed to 7/25. The customer service experience has been absolutely horrible and I sincerely hope we do not face any further issues with the actual delivery and installation.


At this point my wife and I are willing to give Best Buy one last chance with this order, but I sincerely hope that some kind of compensation or something will be offered to make up for how poorly we've been treated throughout this. Amazingly, the phone support staff I talked to insisted that Best Buy wouldn't consider offering compensation until after the unit is installed, at which point we have no recourse if they refuse to provide compensation. The entire experience has been beyond frustrating and we really hope Best Buy will do something to make it right.

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Re: Dishwasher Delivery Frustration

Hi, DanShapiro,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! Thanks for making your very first post with us.

We always hope that deliveries and installations go as smoothly as possible, especially when it's something as essential to your home as a dishwasher (let's face it - not many people like to do dishes by hand). We would also expect our associates to do their best to connect with our customers if something unexpected should happen. I'm sorry that this hasn't been your experience with us.

If this is something that you're still seeking assistance with, we would be happy to help out. To get in touch, simply send a Private Message with your full name, email address, and phone number. You can find a link to send  Private Message in my signature.


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