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Disgusted with the Best Buy Service

In November 2021 I purchased a new oven trhough BestBuy. We had multiple problems through the order process creating a delay in delivery and mismanagement of expectations. I spoke with the Best Buy customer service and they told me to call back once the orde was complete and they would issue a "Make Good Compensation" based on the Case#


On Jan 27th I called back BestBuy to claim the "make good compensation" and also to share the oven had several issues (It is chipped and the thermometre does not work). Best Buy assured me that 1) A compemnsation cheque was being sent to me and 2) a repair order was sent out


Several weeks later the repair orded was just cancelled by Best Buy. I never recevied any mail regarding compensation and after a further call was told "it is in the post"


Folloing a further follow-up in July I was informed that my case had "timed out" and there is nothing Best Buy can do about it. OF course the case has timed out - Best Buy have done nothing to support me in 6 months - If the company does not support the consumer then of course the case will time out.


During this period I also went into the sotre several times. Each time the store was unable to supportm me. The only contact I found told me I could apply for a refund however when I went back to the store to follow-up the employee had already left the company and again no-one would support my case.


In total I lost probaly 5-10 hours of time trying to speak wiht BestBuy. Each time someone take smy case they are unable to resolve or act totally clueless on what to do.


The service from Best Buy is a total disgrace.




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Re: Disgusted with the Best Buy Service

Hello, rjo100.


Hello and welcome to our Forums! 


At Best Buy we try to simplify the experience to make sure that getting appliance and having it installed is easy, however I am disappointed to hear about your experience with us. I would also be frustrated too if I had to wait that long for a solution. I would like to reach out and provide support for your situation and see what happened and hopefully provide some additional insight into the situation. If you don't mind  would you be able to reach out to us via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and the original order number? This will help me pull up previous conversations you had with agents and take a deeper dive into the situation. Please note that we do with more that one client and responses may not be instant. Let me know as soon as you are available.


Thank you, 

Riley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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