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Disappointing experience

We purchased an electric stove/oven and cord (if you buy the cord, the "installation" is free) approx. three weeks ago. I had to miss work to have delivered. First delivery was scheduled for 3-5pm. At 3:15pm BB called and said delivery is delayed, would be after 3:30. Delivery men showed up at 8:00pm. Had NO intention of hooking up cord we bought, I had to tell them they were supposed to do it. Before they left, I noticed a significant dent on the side and a scratch on the cooktop. BB called within 30 minutes of them leaving to schedule delivery of a new stove/oven for the next Monday (first delivery was a Wednesday).


This time, my husband misses work to accept delivery. Delivery men open the box and the back leg is smashed in - looks like a forklift or something hit the stove. Delivery men call it in, leave the original damaged stove and do not leave the new, damaged stove. Expected a call that night and hear NOTHING from Best Buy. I miss an hour of work on the phone with Best Buy associates and Geek Squad associates the next day and the day after. Next delivery is set for this past Monday, 3/18.


I take off work AGAIN to meet the delivery. Delivery window is now 3-6pm. Get a call at 3pm that delivery is running late and it will be after 5:30. Get a call around 5:30 that delivery could be between an hour and hour and a half. Two men bring the third stove in with no issues.


After three delivery attempts, I expected a call from Best Buy asking how the last delivery went and how could they make the experience better. NOTHING. Between my husband and I, we have almost 15 missed work hours invested in having a stove delivered. I have a 15 day return period. I'm considering returning this stove and buying from a competitor just because of the bad experience. Don't know that I'll EVER shop at Best Buy again after this fiasco. What a shame.