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Disappointing customer service

It’s frustrating that there is some unknown issue at the warehouse and I have to call 30 minutes after the scheduled window to find out why my delivery hasn’t happened.  It has been another 90 minutes since I spoke to a specialist and have not heard back as to reason there is a reschedule needed or when it will be.  I understand that accidents happen, but how you handle it is important, as is the timely nature in which you handle it.
During the original window, I got a text indicating the team was on its way with my delivery and then another text indicating the original window.  Why didn’t I get a text indicating there was an issue and someone would contact me?  That would have saved me over an hour of wondering where the delivery is.
None of this addresses the fact that I will need to re-install my oven, schedule another day for availability, and remove the oven again for that day.  This is a large inconvenience for me as a customer.
I really expected much better customer service than this.
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Re: Disappointing customer service

Stopped by the local Best Buy store and was informed that they were unable to help me do anything because the order was placed online and was currently locked during delivery (even though it isn't being delivered).  In addition, the kind woman indicated she would ask someone from corporate to call me about the situation.  That was over 2.5 hours ago.  The associate indicated that after 7pm the status should update and then they might be able reschedule delivery for a few weeks out.  She believes the item was probably too damaged to deliver, but can't say for certain.


Why am I, the customer, having to do all the reaching out?  Why can't the associates in store assist with a Best Buy order regardless of where the order was placed?


This is getting worse and worse by the hour and I'm starting to question whether I should continue to do business with Best Buy.  In the past 3 years, I've spent well over $5000 with Best Buy and have been generally satisfied, but this is inexcusable.  Even on the forum, 2 other queries have been addressed, but I don't have response. 


Am I expecting too much?

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Re: Disappointing customer service

Today the delivery status for the undelivered oven is delivered.  In order to fix the issue, I’ve been told I have to go to the store and get someone to call “the bridge” to change the status.


I don’t think disappointing comes close to describing my feelings about Best Buy after this order and the complete lack of any ownership by anyone to even attempt to address the issue speaks volumes about the company.

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Re: Disappointing customer service

Hello, Bh19, 


Welcome to Best Buy forums! 


Although, I wish this were under better circumstances, please know we do appreciate and value your feedback. 


Would you mind sending me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address associated with your order so I may further investigate this? This can be done by clicking on the private message button after my signature. 


I'd also like to address the store you went to for assistance on your order, as the store should be able to assist, as much as possible, even though your order was placed online. May I ask which store it is you visited?


I hope to hear from you soon! 



Dariela|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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