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Disappointing Customer Experience

BBY Support - I recently called 1-800-433-5778 to talk through a recent purchase and see about making some changes and experienced the some of the best and worst customer service I've ever had. I start the call at 8:05AM CST, right when the line opens. 


The first associate takes my name, email, order info, and asks what he can help me with. I purchased a 75" TV from the night before (4/2) and would like to add installtion and mounting as part of that service. The TV was out to be delivered that day, 4/3, and I explain that I want to keep that schedule without moving it. He tells me it won't be an issue, he'll just add it to the order. I reiterate that I do not want my delivery date moved, and that if needed we can schedule the mounting and install later in the week. He agrees, no problem. While on hold, I get an email about my order being updated and now all items (TV, Mounting, Install) show delivery of 4/6. When he returns to the call, I explain that it updated wrong and he tells me it just takes a few minutes to update properly, then puts me on hold again. When he returns much later, it turns out he made a mistake and needs to escalate to correct it. He then puts me on hold and transfers me.


After holding, the second associate repeats all of the above info taking, research, etc. and asks how he can help. I repeat my initial request but now add the possibility of canceling the entire order and simply getting just the TV delivered that day, 4/3. He tells me that it's not up to him, I'll need to be transferred to the TV and Home Theater department for scheduling, then puts me on hold again.


After holding again, the third associate repeats all of the above info taking, research, etc. and asks how she can help. I again repeat both of my requests and she tells me that it's not really her department, but she can transfer me to someone else for help. At this point I've been on the phone for over an hour and been on hold for 75% of that time. I have no other choice, I relent to the hold.


After holding again, the fourt associate (Eric) thankfully does not make me repeat my info, and seems to immediately understand the problem - no BBY associate can add to an order without needing to update the delivery timeframe. He apologizes for the first associate's oversight, and asks what I'd like to do. Disappointing, but not the reason I remember his name above the other three. I tell him to simply update the order to have the installation package I requested, the basic service that costs $149 instead of the premium service that costs $199. He tells me the install for TVs greater than 65" is $199 standard. I explain that on the app, I can add it all to my cart for $149 for install and the basic $119 wall mount. He tells me he doesn't have access to the app. I pull it up on and tell him I see the same pricing structure, and offer to walk him through how I got there. Eric tells me he doesn't need help navigating his site. I say it seems like you do since we're not seeing the same prices, I'd like to update my order to the prices I'm seeing. He tells me that's not possible. I ask to cancel the order and tell him I'll just shop elsewhere, he tells me he can't do that. I ask to speak to his manager, he tells me he won't be doing that, then tells me to have a good day and hangs up on me. 


The total time for that unproductive phone call was 1 hour, 22 minutes and Eric was absolutely the worst customer experience agent I've ever dealt with. I have never been hung up on.


I waited a few minutes and called back. I was connected to Freddy, and explained my issue. I asked that he cancel the install and mounting services and let me purchase the TV by itself, he says that's no problem. I'm on hold for 60 seconds and he comes back having taken them off. He has solved my problelm in less than five minutes. He asks if I need anything else, I tell him I'd like to speak to his manager to appreciate him for doing in five minutes what nobody else could figure out in almost 90. He transfers me to his manager, I shower Freddy with praise. I also ask his manager how to give feedback for Eric, he directs me to this forum. Second phone call totaled 24 minutes. 


I want to complain about the overall process (why is it impossible to add services before the order is out for delivery), the training (why do I get transferred between four people in 82 minutes where only one knows what they're doing?), and the people (Eric as a representation of Best Buy as a whole is very disappointing and discourages me from calling support again, which in turn discourages me from shopping at Best Buy as a whole). 

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Re: Disappointing Customer Experience

The people that mount the tv are not nessicarily the same people that deliver the tv and you tried to add this the day before it was being delivered. They obviously didn't have any openings for installation until 4/6
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Re: Disappointing Customer Experience

Yes Nick, I understand how it works logistically, but if you would have read my post you would have seen that I asekd the initial associate to retain the original delivery date and add the new services if possible. As you say, if it was obvious that they didn't have any openings, I would have expected the first associate to understand this before doing the one thing I explicitly asked against. 


Your fliippant response is unhelpful and indicative of an unwillingness to either read or digest my concerns. 

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Re: Disappointing Customer Experience

Hi there, MidtownMelee.


Welcome to our online community. It is always exciting to greet a new member, although I am sorry the reason for your post was partially related to an unfortunate circumstance. A new television is something to be excited about. We always recommend professional installation, so I understand why you would have been interested in adding those services to your order. Based on what you’ve described, it sounds like you made it clear you did not want the delivery date of your new television to be modified. That makes sense, as you were likely eager for the device to arrive. To comply with your request, a new order should have been created for the additional installation services, with the understanding they would have been completed on a different date. I apologize that was not immediately taken into consideration, as that would have avoided what ultimately transpired.


While it seems as though Freddy took the steps to get this resolved, overall, this is not the type of experience we would have wanted for our customers. If you would not mind sending a Private Message, I would love the opportunity to formally document your feedback. If additional support is needed, I will do all I can to help. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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