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tv calibration

I had purchased the tv calibration package and then it tells me there are no appointments available?  Whats going on?

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Remote Starter Not Working

I have a remote starter that was installed in late Feb/ early Mar 2020, and days later started experiencing issues with my battery in my newer vehicle. I took it to a mechanic after being stranded, not sure what the issue could be and they ruled out the battery and the alternator, and said the starter is likely draining it. I start calling BestBuy trying to get some resolution. Granted, almost immediately after this, COVID had started affecting several companies, and I was empathethic to less staffing. However, at this point I have spent 8+ hours on hold or on chat or going in circles calling different phone numbers, visiting different sites, etc... and cannot get resolution. I have a lovely transcript from a clearly unmotivated employee that I'd love to get to the right person to train on their conflict management. I have spent 3+ months now with an unstable vehicle, and now have to carry a jumper box just to go to the grocery. I have tried to be patient and kind to all employees involved, but this is getting extremely frustrating. Please help me to find resolution, without sending me to an 800 number that I will immediately get disconnected from (which has happened multiple times, the last time with no call back despite me insisting they take my and my husband's number down). I sincerely appreciate the help!

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Car installation

My car installation appointment was canceled due to covid 19. Does anyone know if there is a timetable for when I can get that appointment rescheduled?
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Failure to Complete my Installation


I was that poor guy who was scheduled for Audio and backup camera install the very day of Covid 19 shutdown.  The purchase included radio installation and I paid for backup camera installation.  I understood!

Best Buy has re-opened their stores but not car audio installs.  I REALLY don't get it....there is almost no contact...drop the car off....pick the car up!

I have reached the point that I feel Best Buy has RIPPED ME OFF!  PLEASE RESUME CAR AUDIO INSTALLS!

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Someone please help me

I was in the Lancaster Ohio store back in January to schedule an appointment to get a car speaker installed into my car. At the time they were booked all the way out to the end of March. So I booked it for then and the employee said that I had to pay for it upfront, which I find hard to believe. He informed me that the total tech support was cheaper than paying the installation price so I said okay to that. I paid $213.49 for that and all was well. I went in for my appointment in March and the geek squad guy was unable to install it then because the person who booked the appointment didn’t ask or mention that I had stop start technology in my car, which makes the install more difficult and time consuming. So I had to get a different sub and amp that works with this so I spent $500 that day and we had to reschedule for May. About 2 days for my second appointment was supposed to happen, Best Buy’s inhome installation shut down due to Covid. Which was disappointing, but understandable. I kept in touch with the store to see when it would reopen and naturally it was out of their hands but I wanted to be updated at the least. The last week of may a lot of stores were reopening and even another car audio installation place so I assumed Best Buy would soon follow suit. I called and asked about reopening and was told they had no idea when it would reopen and probably no time soon and was given the reason of “well you’re in the car all day and we’re not sure how to do it safely yet” (but you’ve reopened in-home installation at this point which doesn’t add up). So you’ve found a way to go into peoples houses where they live eat and breathe and install a tv with them standing next to you, but can’t figure out a way to install something into my trunk with me not even in the building. Doesn’t make sense. There are other car audio places open and car dealerships that never closed throughout all of this and yet how is a company as large as Best Buy so far behind this learning curve? Today I was told that my Lancaster location will not be opening, along with the other two closest locations. I do not want to travel to any other Best Buy locations to get this installed as I shouldn’t have to. So I wanted a refund for this “great” total tech support that benefited me nothing. Doesn’t seem like I’m asking too much, surely a company this large has had these problems and knows how to resolve them. So I called +1-888-237-8289. There was a 35 minute wait time, so I obliged. Then someone answered and immediately hung up. No call back. So I called back, this time there was a 45 minute wait time, so I obliged again. This time the lady was quite rude but did inform me that I could get a prorated refund for the services that I didn’t use. But I didn’t actually get to use any services at all?? I asked who could help me and she that she, nor her supervisor or anybody else would be able to help me. So I tried the online Geek squad support chat and basically the same thing: the prorated refund buy at least he was nice. But this time, I was trying to ask why should I have to lose $85 because of something that was completely out of my hands when I was disconnected. So I called my Lancaster location back and asked what I could do. He tried to see if it was something he could help me with at a store level but I gives him no choice but to do a prorated refund. He understood and thought I should get the full amount back but the computer simply would not let him. He suggested I try the corporate number or geek squad support, both of which I had already spoken to. So I googled the corporate headquarters number which sent me to someone to direct my call. I asked to be sent to someone who could get around a prorated refund and I think I was sent to the +1-888-237-8289 again because I had to was another hour. When someone answered, he tried to see if he could get me the full refund so he put me on hold and asked someone at the “back office” I think he said. He came back and said unfortunately there was no way to refund what I paid for because it was more than 30 days. He said they also told him they could not extend the total tech support any amount of time without charge, which was going to be my next question. I have a very difficult time imagining that a company this large has no way to give someone something as simple as a refund. I would understand if I was asking for something more complex but come on. What kind of problem resolution team do you have? A good first rule is to break the rule for your customers. How many hoops should your customers have to go to through to get what is deserved? You preach on social media that you are being “understanding during this difficult time” but I don’t see it. What does being understanding look like to you? I work retail and I don’t think it looks anything like this. Please email me with some sort of resolution when someone is taught what is being preached or I will be taking my business elsewhere.
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repair of car radio

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We purchased a car radio,and  exstended warrenty , from Best Buy in Waynesville NC, 

The radio has not worked properly for 6 weeks. 

I know this corvert 19 has hurt all of us,

We have called to find out what we can do to get the radio working properly, or to exchange it.

The geek squad is not coming back to work untill November,on car radio's.

So hear we set with an $800.00 broken radio.

Please advise what we can do to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance,

Frances {removed per forum guidelines}

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When did Best Buy stop caring about customer retainment??

We had purchased a car stereo from Best Buy (location: 2311 Galletin Pike N. Madison, TN 37115) approximately 4 months ago. We had an installation scheduled that was rescheduled a couple of times by Best Buy.
The stereo that we had purchased including all the necessary parts and the premium geek squad plan were over $2000.

To this day, we have been trying to have this stereo installed.
We are very understanding in regards to the pandemic and everyone’s health, but as your stores open and people are allowed to enter, we are discouraged by the disinterest in installing a product that we had purchased from you and paid in full months ago!

We have been very patient so far, and when I called the store today (again) to inquire about a possible install, the person on the phone had no reservation with telling me that I can return the purchase to the store.
I can go to the store and return this purchase.. but I cannot go to the store and have this purchase installed in my vehicle…

To think that our purchase and business is so insignificant to Best Buy ,is discouraging. We have been loyally spending many thousands of dollars at Best Buy over the years.

I had requested to speak to a manager, and was told that there isn’t one available.
I would really like to have a resolution to this issue.
We don’t care where the location of the install is, at which store in the area, our home, the CDC parking lot.. We need this stereo installed.
As is, this stereo is almost outdated at this point.

Should you prefer that I return the stereo and the accessories instead. I will do so, but with that will come the loss of our business as well.
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Re: When did Best Buy stop caring about customer retainment??

The TOTAL lack of customer support during these past 3 months has been astonishing. I too understand the hardships and expected delays but the lack of customer communication is beyond acceptable, especially that coming (not coming) from the Geek Squad. It is so bad that I have just made the decision to buy a large expensive TV elsewhere rather than go through the stress of using BB for delivery and set-up. So sad!