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My fridge has still not fixed after 2 weeks!!!!

I am having the worst experience ever with the geek squad. I bought an extended warranty on my LG fridge about 2years ago. The fridge/freezer suddenly stopped working a little over 2weeks ago. I called the geek squad no and I was told to send a diagnostic report of the fridge to them and it will be resolved within 3-5 business days. I trully could not imagine how we are going to do without a fridge in the house for 1 week. Alas, its been 2 weeks now and I have not heard a definite time on when the fridge will be fixed.

The call center is appalling, after calling many times and been on the phone at times for over an hour, I get told they don't know when it will be done. 

I feel robbed to have paid for the extended warranty and not getting the service I paid for. 


I hope the management can help resolve this urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Car audio installation

Hi I am interested in having wires ran for a amp and also installing new speakers to replace the stock speakers. My question is when will the stores be able to open and do installations again?
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Major Appliance Repair

I have a Samsung refrigerator that needs to be repaired. I have purchased and valid geek sqaud coverage and have been trying for days to get in tough with th geek squad. I have been on hold for over half an hour on multiple occasions and nobody picks up!  I tried customer service chat and they aid that you have to hold for at least 2 hours! There is no other way to get your refrigerator repaired! Its crazy to be that you are expected to wait on the line for over 2 hours (whatever that means) to speak with someone. In the meantime, not have a working refrigerator! I have had no problem getting though to anyone else for repairs so this is crazy! I need a number I can call to get someone out. I have just purchased a new washing machine from bestbuy that is due to be delivered tomorrow and I bought geek sqaud protection. If I dont hear back, I will cancel the order because this coverage is like having NO coverage. 

Please let me know ASAP how to get this resolved

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6 Hours On Hold Today and still No answers

Hi, I am beyond upset. I cannot reach anyone knowledgeable in customer service, the store doesn't know anything and apparently, BB does not have an email address to write to. I cannot get a straight answer. I recently bought a radio to install in my car. (in-store) They did not know when installation would open again. Fine, a couple of weeks went by. I went to the store and they had no idea. I called 888-BestBuy and was told that the manufacturer has to install the radio. What? I knew this was incorrect so-called back again, spoke to someone daily knowledgeable who advised me to again call the 1888 number, and ask for "corporate" which I did but was rerouted several times and eventually disconnected. Hence, today I tried again. First I explained what service I was looking for and then transferred. Upon transfer, I had to enter my number for a callback. 2 hours later get someone on the phone who appears to understand my concern and tells me to hold. He never returns. I hang up and try again. Same process. Altogether 6 hours in one day. That is not including the wait time for callbacks. All I want to understand is when the installation will be open. Why did I spend $500 on a radio if I can't have it installed? An answer would be nice. Better would be to have my name on a waiting list. I am an elite member. Honestly am done with this store. Customer service is horrible. By the way, I am in Phoenix Arizona. Ahwatukee store. 

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Screen Protector Installation

I ordered a new cellphone, case, and screen protector for pick-up today. However, with only online ordering and curbside pickup available, how do I get the screen protector installed? In the past, I could have Best Buy personnel perform the installation. There wasn't an option online to add that service.
I'm in a pickle, because the phone is for my elderly mother-in-law, and I need to deliver it to the Nursing home today before driving back to my home four hours away.
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I understand due to COVID my repair had to be placed on hold. What I don't understand is the following. 


- My ticket was closed out and marked as complete

- When the nice representative who did try to help advised me that I should've recieved 4 parts and if I had them. I advised no. I spent 4 hours on the phone and nothing was resolved. I had to call in late to my job to see if we could figure out what was going on. 

- The representative advised she would call me back in a day or two to try to figure things out and she did. She questioned me if I knew the person who signed for the parts that went to an address that was not to my house! 

- Finally after spending another 2 hours on the phone the representative says, I can not get ahold of the tech or their manager so I can't help. This has to go up to my supervisor. They will give you a call in the next day or so. 

- 6 days later, still no phone call

- I've tried chat and phone call to the customer support # and I'm sorry I don't have 10 hours to wait on hold!!!!


I need to know what is going on with my parts and when is my washer going to be fixed!!! THIS IS OUTRAGES THAT NO ONE KNOWS WHERE MY PARTS ARE AND CAN GIVE A COURTOUSY PHONE CALL BACK. I am an essential worker and have a household of 5 people and with everything going on trying to fit a trip to the laundry mat is becoming harder and more costly. 



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Paid for Total Tech & have car stereo warranty but I am told I am out of luck getting it fixed

I have waited on hold over 2 hours to contact customer service to find out what I can do about getting my car stereo fixed and my husbands back up camera that both were purchased and installed less than a year ago.  There is absolutely NO customer service by Best Buy if you have purchased vehicle accessories and need repairs under warranty and purchased the annual subscription for Total Tech Support.  The people at Best Buy are very rude and suggested that I cancel Total Tech Support and get a prorated refund.   Best Buy will not honor their promises that should we have any problems with the items purchased or installation we could get them fixed. If we cancel the Tech Support we will not be able to get the defective car stereo and back up camera fixed.  I was told we need to go to our local Best Buy store and speak to the manager.  Alabama is back to work and yet Best Buy is still making customers schedule appointments for a consultation. My husband made an appointment and waited to speak to the manager at the Huntsville, Alabama office to get assistance. The manager was very rude and said the car installers have been furloughed or laid off.  Really this manager should be fired because of his attitude.  At the very least if no one is available to fix the items we purchased then replacements should be an option.   We can find someone else to do the installations.  I understand that with the Covid virus some states are going to the extreme and keeping business closed and have continued to furlough or laying off their employees.  Lowe's, Home Depot, Sam's Club, Publix, Walmart and many more do not have this ridiculous policy and their businesses are thriving and customers are happy.  New Buyers Beware that Best Buy will not honor warranties or their Tech Support and customer service is nonexistent.  

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Geek Squad never purchasing anything from them

my microwave is not.working for now about 3.months, and 3 weeks ago my fridge started giving me trouble. I called geek squad they said there is not service providers in my area so I have to call third party and send them bill. We did that but no response i called them 3 days ago and I was told someone will call me in 2 days again no reply. Fridge comes under emergency service..but no response from them. Fridge is to keep the temperature and.that is spoiling my food milk everyday. I am tired of this. And I will never recommend best buy to geek squad to anyone
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Poor Customer Service=Will Never buy another product from Best Buy

I purchased the protection plan on my wash machine.  Called last week on June 3 as the drum is not draining.  Was told someone from Friends Tek (outsourced provider) would call on us on Monday, June 8th to repair the machine.  Friends Tek called on June 4 and said they couldn't come until June 12....what??  Called Best Buy back and after an hour and 40 min wait I spoke with a very undermotivated staff member named Shavonte.  She told me someone from AIG would call within 24-48 hours to see if they could find someone else to come out.  Guess what, no one from AIG ever called.  I called today and waited 1 hour and 50 min and got through to Emmie.  She quickly transferred me to AIG where I was placed on hold for another 10-15 minutes.  When special agent Karen connected, she acted as if she could not hear me and disconnected the call as quickly as she could. 2 hours of my time WASTED!!!  I will NEVER believe there was a connection issue.  I am super disappointed with this experience.  We've bought a lot of merch from Best Buy over the years and was about to buy a TV and dishwasher, but not anymore.  It's nice to have a protection plan to cover your costs should you need to use it, but it's not ok to wait almost two weeks for your "partner" to come out and look at our issue.  And, you should read the reviews on Friends Tek...they are as bad as the reviews on Best Buy.  Birds of a feather, flock together.  I will post as many negative reviews as I can to warn other consumers of this SHAM you call service.  You too will be like Sears, JC Penney, etc....

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Need contact information BESTBUY Customer service to refund, replace or repair.

[ Edited ]

Don't tell me chat or phone number.

Chat: We're sorry, all of our Agents are currently busy. Please try again later. (more than 2 hrs.)

Call: wait 3 hrs.



I don't have time to wait more than 3 hrs just to contact them.


Order Date: 11/27/2019
Order #: {removed per forum guidelines}


The first problem is the TV speaker not working (very sometimes working, I need to turn on and off the TV many times to make the TV speaker working.). And, when I tried to turn on the TV speaker through Audio output setting, but the "off" status is unchangeable.
The second problem is that the connection between laptop and TV with HDMI cable is really bad. I recently tried to connect this TV to my laptop with HDMI, but the screen is always distorted as well as the connection is completely not working very often, so I need to unplug and plug the cable several times to make it connected. (sometimes more than 10 times.)
I've already tried to update the software, restart the TV, reset to Factory default, and unplug the power cable to reset. However, all the methods I've tried is not working. (There is no physical damage on the TV. Never dropped, hit, crushed.)

I think it is just a defective product. I NEED TO REFUND, REPLACE OR REPAIR OF MY TV>