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Re: Please help

They cant send anyone out until the crisis is over. Have tried calling Samsung directly in case it's just a setting they can help with?
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Best Buy's Store Customer Support During COVID-19



I ordered a new washer and dryer to have delivered in April. I fully understand the safety of your employees and the rationale behind only dropping off appliances and not installing them in homes as when I purchased them, this restriction wasn't put in place. Due to this, I would expect that customer service would be increased due to the limitation you have put in place. After waiting over 45 minutes and calling in multiple times on your phone tree to try and reach your Oakdale, MN store, I was finally able to get to someone who then got me scheduled for a drop off only delivery with a 6-hour delivery window. After you've made this more difficult, you're unable to give your customers a tighter delivery time? Regardless, you need to rethink your processes if you're going to make this process so difficult for your customers. In addition, your associate gave me the option to cancel the installation package or to schedule that part of it possibly a month out-I understand we are all working through difficult times, but at the same time, you can't have your associates telling customers on the phone that they can go without laundry for over a month as a viable option to try and "save your sale". The associate did apologize for the wait time on the phone and told me they were short-staffed. As your stores are closed, this is hard for me to understand as your employees wouldn't be helping anyone in person outside of curbside pick-up. Looks like you're just looking to save dollars instead of keeping your employees working-which is pathetic. Overall, I couldn't be more disappointed in this experience. Again, I fully recognize this is a hard time, and have lower expectations because of it-I'm not upset that I can't get this installed, but what I am upset is Best Buy isn't doing anything to "make it right" for the situation-a basic scheduling process that shouldn't have gotten worse due to this virus, did. Further-there should have been more thought around your customers that have been inconvenienced due to this-again, no one's fault-but I'm now having to work to find someone else to help me with this as you won't.


Thanks for hearing me out. I hope you can do better for others.

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Unprofessional Handling of Delivery’s buy BEST BUY during COVID-19 Outbreak.



I had a delivery of what I consider to be an essential item a washer & dryer in which I don’t not have one at my house.  I was scheduled for delivery for Saturday 3/21 7am-9am.  I received a text confirmation at 5:30pn from Best Buy Friday 3/20 confirming my delivery.  The next morning no one ever came. I check my email and at 10:15pm. I received an email saying deliveries and in home deliveries were being cancelled.  I went to the store the next day to see what was going on and see what to do, only to have a sarcastic employee tell me “where there’s a will there’s a way” to wash clothes without a washer and dryer. I spend way too much money in Best Buy to be handled like this in this situation. 

I was told to reschedule my installation and delivery which I did for 4/2. It has been 3 weeks and I have had to go over other people’s homes to wash & dry clothes, because of incompetent, disordered, disorganized communications with customers from Best Buy.

I decided to call today 4/1 just to make sure they were still coming.  The customer service agent said they were still coming Monday, but would only drop of my washer & dryer outside my house even though I was rescheduled for delivery & installation. What am I going to do with a washing and dryer on my front porch??!!!




I understand the situation with safety for everyone involved, but this was handled extremely sloppy, unprofessional, with an underlying sense of last minute panic from senior management with no real plan on what to do.


  1. It is not right to email customers after business hours to cancel an appointment after it was confirmed during business hours, all this the day before delivery.  Best Buy knew  they were considering cancelling all deliveries before 3/20 at 10:30 pm; if not you all are incompetent, incapable of making decisions in a timely fashion, and unqualified to handle special circumstances such as this.


  1. You could have easily given customers a 24hr notice and cancelled appointments not scheduled yet, or at least grandfathered in the appointments Best Buy already confirmed.
  2. If Best Buy was truly concerned about safety why didn’t they close all stores immediately the next day????  They waited almost a week later to do the curbside pick only, and they were still open.


  1. Best Buy canceled all the area’s where they already have taken customers money, but didn’t immediately close store s where you can still take money from customers.


  1. Best Buy does carry certain essential items like  refrigerators, ovens, washer & dryers are items you need especially if you are going to be staying in your home for a undetermined period of time.
    1. If you really had a well thought out plan you would have allowed certain items delivered and installed with proper caution and others postponed.  A television or stereo can wait, but I need to wash clothes for my family.



I now have a washer and dryer coming to be delivered and installed Tuesday 4/7.  I just want to say THANK YOU HOME DEPOT For stepping up  I even had to spend an extra $373 for the same appliances, but like you sarcastic employee said ‘where there’s a will there’s a way”.

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Need help with defective Refrigerator

Hi, we purchased a refrigerator from in mid march and it is already falling apart. The freezer door is loosening and falling down and it is not getting cold, causing to lose some of our frozen food.

We cant actually figure out through this system, how to talk to a person and get this handled. It's our first time buying appliances at best buy and the support has been extremely disappointing.

Can someone please message me so I can get this resolved; before i take this to the next level. Thanks.

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Re: Need help with defective Refrigerator

Mid March would likely be outside of the return exchange window unless you have elite or elite plus status. In that case, the next step would manufacturer’s warranty repair. While ordinarily I would say contacting Geek Squad would be a solid move, we have shut down in home operations to help keep out customers and employees safe. Because of that, I would reach out to the manufacturer directly as they may have another tech in your area who is able to make the repairs.
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Re: Order Status staying at "order received"

So I attempt to order a washing machine and a dryer for delivery and my order also says that it has been received but is waiting for me to schedule a day for delivery. Well I have attempted to schedule it for delivery but the calendar is always blacked out and won't let me select any date.
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Re: Lg oven help

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Re: No communicatoin and no show on delivery twice

Hi Leslie,


I am having an experience very similar to the one you described in your post.  We purchased a new washer, dryer and refrigerator from Best Buy and now cannot get them delivered into the house or installed.  Since I cannot get the appliances, I just want a refund.  I have tried numerous and varied ways to contact Best Buy but I can't seem to get a live person on any of their communication channels.  You mentioned spending almost an hour on the the telephone with customer service.  What number was it that you called?  Thank you for any information you can provide.



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About a month and a half ago me and my wife got an LG refrigerator from Beat Buy and brought the two year warranty. Last Sunday 3/29 my son noticed the food in the freezer was starting to thaw out. Monday we called Best Buy talked to a representative and asked us to try a few thing 1) lower the temperature in the freezer from 0 to -2 degrees, 2) put a glass of water in the freezer and see what happens. 12-16 hours later water did not freezer, that’s when we knew we had a problem. Tuesday my wife called LG and scheduled a service rep to check the fridge on Friday 4/3, mind you my wife was trying to call Best Buy’s geek squad all they did was pick up the phone and then hang up (without saying hello) or pick up put her on hold then hang up. Friday finally gets here and the LG service rep says we have a slow leak that was preventing the freezer from cooling and lose of temperature and in turn the refrigerator part was also loosing temperature. The rep for LG said it would be best that we get a new refrigerator from Best Buy being that we brought the two year warranty.

1) we called Best Buy again and the repressive said to call back the following day because a manager was not in the store.
2) my wife called back the following day 4/4 and talked to a manager, the manager said he would call geek squad. We called geek squad and because of covid-19 they are not dispatching no representatives.
3) We expressed to geek squad and the manager for Best Buy that an LG rep came out and serviced the fridge and what the LG representative said to have Best Buy give us a new fridge and the reason why. Geek squad said that “IF” they where to exchange the fridge out it would be curb side service meaning: we would have to bring the old fridge down to the curb and we would have to un box the new fridge in the street and bring up it to my apartment.
4) it’s now Sunday 4/5 and me and my family went from a brand new LG refrigerator to two coolers.

It’s now 4/21/2020 and the local manager will not let me or my wife talk to the general manager of the store and me and my family continue to live out of two coolers
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Re: HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!

I feel for you as I had a similar problem with 2 week old LG Gas Range. I was told by sales to pull out the range on my own and move to my garage and they would deliver a new one and put in my driveway. However Geek Squad said I was outside 15 day warranty. It took me 3 weeks and countless hours on the phone with LG to get resolved and they finally found a bad oven burner and replaced it. I wanted a new unit due to the safety issue (gas was leaking) but I guess the only say that MAY have happened if I somehow managed to to do all the heavy lifting and install myself (we are both elderly). I realize and can appreciate BB's position but they are really hurting their reputation with how they are attempting to handle these situations.