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Disappointed in delivery people

I had a washer/dryer delivered with a haul away of old appliances. 

Team arrivied on time but in a great hurry.  I had a very difficult time communicating with both delivery people as they seemed to speak very little English and my Spanish is very limited so maybe part of my disppointment was our inability to communicate clearly.   I asked that they remove the pedestals from the old machines as I had wanted to sell them on ebay or reuse tham if I decided to "unstack" the new machines.  First,   I was asked if I paid for that service by one person and then, the other said it would take too long as they still had a number of deliveries to do.   Then I wanted to clean the space where the old washer had been leaking.  They came in with the new washer and tried to hurry me along.  They installed the washer/dryer.  I was handed a box with hoses in it.  When I asked what it was I was told I could throw it out.  I pressed the installer about that and he said it was for using the steam function in the dryer and the coupling was made of plastic so it was junk.  So I said that I bought this dryer in part FOR THE STEAM feature.  He then sighed and showed me how I could install the hoses.  I then insisted that he install the hoses.  (but now I'm worried that the plastic coupling will melt)   

As we ran a quick test of the machine the installers told me that they had one more stop not "many"as they had said initially.  I'm not sure how long each installation is estimated to take but this one took less than 45 minutes from arrival to departure.  In addition, I really don't care how many are installations are scheduled or how many are left - when installers arrive I expect to be treated with the same respect and courtesy that I extend.   

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Re: Disappointed in delivery people

Hi, veep,


Welcome to Best Buy’s online community. We realize you’ve been patiently waiting for some time for assistance regarding your delivery and installation appointment. As someone who recently purchased a home, and in the process of upgrading our appliances, I understand the importance of having an installation done properly so that you are allowed to use all the features that convince you to finalize the purchase.


I apologize for any inconvenience that you might have had with your recent delivery. Our team would like to help voice your concern to the appropriate business teams and ask that you send us a private message with information from your order. Send me a private message with your name, email address, order number, and phone number. To send me a message, log into the forum, and select "Private Message" from my signature bar.


Thank you,

Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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