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Desperately need help with TV that keeps being scheduled for delivery, then doesn’t show up.

I recently purchased a television in person at a Best Buy about 90 minutes away. The TV was open box but unfortunately wouldn't fit in my SUV, so they set it up to be transferred to my local store and the delivered to me 11/4.

I took the day off work since the delivery range was 7a - 7p and I needed to be home. I got a text around 7a saying the delivery driver was on the way and would arrive by 11a at the latest. Ended up not showing up, called customer service and they found it wasn’t loaded on the truck. Obviously frustrating to take the day off, but rescheduled to the following Friday 11/11.

Long story short, as I feared the exact same thing happened the following week. No TV and another wasted PTO day. I did however get a call from someone local in distribution (her name was Angel) and she was wonderful. I gave her all these details she managed to track down the TV and called me back. She said something along the lines of “it’s being taken care of and someone will be calling you in a few minutes. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but you’re getting a great deal for all you’ve gone through.” Needless to say I was ecstatic. I spoke with her manager and gave her props, was such a relief to talk to someone local who could actually locate my TV. The call center folks seem to try their best but are a degree or more separated from the situation.

Well, no one ever called me back with the supposed update. I can’t get back in touch with Angel or anyone local. I have delivery set for this Friday 11/18 and I’m not holding my breath that it actually shows up. The TV is open box and was a great deal, that’s the only reason I’m still trying.

I did call customer support Monday 11/14 at 9a ET to see if there was an update and they said they were escalating the case and I’d have an update in 24-48 hours. Unless someone calls me right at 9a when they open, it appears I’m still in limbo waiting for a TV and wasting PTO days.

I really hope someone here can help me. This has been a nightmare.
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Re: Desperately need help with TV that keeps being scheduled for delivery, then doesn’t show up.

Hello, AdamK8, 


Thanks for reaching out here on the Forums Community. Having to miss 2 days of work is never ideal when you didn't even get your delivery. I can see why you are disappointed with the kind of service you been receiving. Although we are glad to hear that Angel is a wonderful associate and was able to help on this matter. 


Allow me to look deeper into this matter. I'll just need you to send a private message; blue button, bottom right corner and provide the following:


  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Order Number


Here to resolve this nightmare, 

Jakoma|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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