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Delivery problems

Purchased a stove and refridgerator 2 weeks ago. Delivery day comes with a time frame of 7am to 1pm. 1:30 comes around still no refridgerator. Call a few different people and they say it didn't make it on the truck I need to reschedule. Call a few more people and i receive a call from the driver saying they have a fridge that may be mine. They show up at 2:10 and have me look into the box truck (kicking a bottle of urine away as if I'm blind to it) and check if its my fridge. The driver had no apologies for the punctuality or my confusion, seemed completely clueless to anything. I was late due to the driver so i had them put the fridge in real quick and I put the handles on. Then the cherry on the sunday was my 2 trips to return the unused water line and negotiating with the employees for 10 minutes because they couldn't refund my $30 water line becaise the status of the order was "in transit" 4 days after my delivery. Buyers beware the delivery company xpo and best buys part of the delivery will be a trainwreck. I called coon rapids store manager and he seemed interested in my story but it would be nice to get some feedback from best buy as to why this all happend. Thank you.