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Delivery issues

Best buy has just made everything involved in purchasing a new home even more stressful. Furnishing my home was supposed to be fun and exiting, not the case. I went to best buy store on April 17, 2019 for tv, wall mount, washer and dryer. Applied for credit card purchased TV, mount and install. Had call to get a credit increase for washer and dryer. When making the purchase card gets blocked for identity verification. They aren't able clear the verification and tell me I have to wait for letter in mail. I needed all this delivered before or on the 30th of April. TV was said would be delivered 27th and come to find out now will be 4th May and washer dryer the 3rd. I'm only home for 6 days reason for doing things ahead of time. Best buy told me April 27th so I proceeded with purchase then bestbuy turned around said no no 3rd and 4th of next month works better. I'm purchasing over $6,000.00 on products and services on just these transactions. Not acceptable... if I was told of such date from beginning I'd just gone with competition to find someone to fit my schedule. Now after all stress of contacting best buy and no help or even apologies, will head over to store and cancel purchases made.
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Re: Delivery issues

You did the right thing. I would not even have let it get that far. Their business tactics truly suck.