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Delivery issues

On July 5th, I purchased a dryer through My dryer stopped working(after 18 years of faithful service). The delivery date was scheduled for July 13th. Not the fastest service I've had, but it was on sale and we would make do. I get an email asking to contact to reschedule delivery. The customer service person tells me that they want to reschedule for a week later. Are you kidding me? She explains that the dryer has to be shipped from another store. You had a week to accomplish this from the original order to delivery date. Now I check the stock at my closest store and I can pick up today, or have it delivered on the 13th! What gives? I thought online shopping was a convenience for me. I've never had any problems with BB before. I'm moving and I was planning on buying a high end LG TV and home theater from BB and having GS install. Now I'm having second thoughts. Now I have to purchase dryer elsewhere before 4th of July sales end. So much for convenience.
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Re: Delivery issues

Welcome to the Best Buy forums Harry1-


18 years of service is one heck of a dryer indeed!  It’s saddening to know that it finally stopped working after so long, and it’s fantastic you chose Best Buy as your shopping destination for your replacement, but I’m truly disheartened seeing your order was ultimately canceled.  I want to welcome you to write back to us if we can ever assist you with anything else, and please know that I’d be delighted to see what options exist to allow Best Buy to be your go-to place for your electronics once again! 


Write back if we can assist you with placing another order for your replacement dryer, or if you have any other questions or concerns!



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