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Delivery installation experience from HELL

I am an eleite member-have ordered entire appliance sets for my home and a rental and have had some poor service in the past, but this last experience is unreal...and it's STILL not resolved. 

I ordered a dishwasher and it was to be delivered/installed on July 17, 2020. The guy was nice...but son almost missed his flight as we had to wait to take him to the airport while installation was taking place....My laminate floor was torn up where he removed my old dishwasher. Entry way wood floor was damaged as well....still waiting for the insurance company Best Buy uses to even contact me to assess and fix this.....THEN dishwasher is finally installed and it does not work. Installer doesnt even call Best Buy and tell his office that, "Hey this lady needs a dishwasher that works!" Nope I had to call the next day...and getting through to the store was like trying to get through to the IRS at tax time....the appliance people could not figure out how to send out a replacement and remove the broken one in one trip and wanted to schedule two different days because they could not figure out how to over ride the system. I even offered to buy the replacement one and be refunded later if it would help them be "UNCONFUSED." 

Nope-finally after calling a manager, the fiasco seemed to be handled. 2 weeks later I get the SAME install guy who damaged my floor...and he comes out...he had a heck of a time...banging and kinda cursing at some screws that he was having trouble with...nice guy, but a little unprofessional....I was working from home...(need to mention....had to work from home each time these installs occur-and again the guy shows up late) So, since I was irritated, I made the unwise decision to sit in my living room and listen to him struggle with it and not watch....he finally tells me he got it and the good news is this one works! The bad news....He just realized he had installed the WRONG dishwasher...not the one I ordered.....that was 9 days ago....AND I am still one seems to have a clue when or if I am getting the dishwasher I ordered. I call and call and its again, like calling the IRS to get through. The manager did not even come to the phone-instead just told whomever answered to tell me"He didn't ahve any updates and he would call me." I have not been called. No phone calls....and still no word on wh's going to fix my damaged floors either.....I have spent sooooo much many over the last 30 years on appliances, gaming....etc....and although some of this is not Best Buy's fault 100%....the lack of responses and lack of communication within the company regarding the customer staying in the loop as well as a tinely response to my damaged floors is mind blowing. There is NO such thing as good services any more. I will say they waived the delivery fee...but honestly....that really does't seem like that much of an appeasment at tis point. When it becomes my 2nd job daily to follow up on a dishwasher and damaged is frustrating and exhasuting. I would think they would be contacting me.....but it's me chasing them.....and I have NO idea when this will all be resolved. This will be my last purchase from them.

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Re: Delivery installation experience from HELL

Good morning, JocelynKovaleski,


Welcome to our community forums. I know that a new set of appliances if a big purchase and if I were in your shoes I would want to get everything set up and installed as quickly as possible. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience with this order and would be glad to provide some information on how to get assistance moving forward.


Rather than your local store, we have a dedicated team that is best suited to provide help with appliance orders. Our Geek Squad Client Care team can be contacted at (800) 304-1259 between 8 a.m.–9 p.m. CT, 7 days a week.They will be able to help you look into this installation as well as this damage claim.


Please let me know if I can assist you with any other matters!



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