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Delivery cancelled same day - TWICE

My delivery has been cancelled twice and each time for a different reason.I am beyond frustrated and have been without a washer dryer for weeks now. 


The first delivery issues started with the delivery time window. I was scheduled for a 12-4pm delivery but was called around 9:35am by the delivery team that my guys were 30 minutes away. I had to get home earlier than planned from work to accomodate this. The guys showed up and proceeded to make up excues as to why they could not install my washer dryer. The guy said there was a leak and that I needed a 10 foot hose as opposed to the 6 foot hose I was originally told to order by the Best Buy team. The guys then left saying I needed to call a plumber before they could come back to do the install.


The men left and the next day I had my building get the "leak" checked out - surprise, there was NO LEAK. I also asked about the hose and my super said a 6 foot hose was ample considering the stacked washer and dryer are going into a space approximately 4 feet by 4 feet. 


So, it was then time to reschedule but I had to go to the back of the line to make another delivery date selection. The next app was going to have to be 11 days later.


Today, the day of delivery attempt number two, they called to say they were 10 minutes away. Sounded good. Then they called me again a few minutes later to tell me the stacking kit I ordered was not on the truck. So they had to cancel AGAIN. The delivery guy said he would call Best Buy for me and explain the situation. He assumed he would be able to deliver this Wednesday or Tursday. I then received a follow up call from customer service who said that would likely not be possible but that she would do her best to figure out what happened to the kit and get me on the delivery list ASAP. She also told me I would get a discount due to the inconvenience. I was told I would get a follow up call same day with an update, but hours later, no call. 


So I called AGAIN, explained my story AGAIN, asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told it would probably be 30 minutes for a supervisor to be available. The woman who put me on hold told me me there is NOTHING they can do except reschedule my delivery for the soonest app of April 24 - that's a Saturday and my building will only allow work to be done Mon-Fri. She has informed me that I will not get a discount but a Best Buy gift card.


It's also funny to me that during their first delivery attempt, there was no mention of the missing stacking kit - it seems to have disappeared between the first delivery date and the second, or was it never there? I have no idea what will happen at the third attempt. 


All I really want is for the items my husband and I spent lots of money on to be delivered and installed the first time - I can't keep taking time off work and school to wait for deliveries only to be repeatedly cancelled on and frustrated.


The supervisor said he will do his best to get the delivery to me sooner, but April 26 is what we have scheduled for now. I am disppointed, angry, and very concerned that I will waste my day and take time off work for a third time to once again not have my items installed which would mean I would have to start this process all over again somewhere else. 



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Re: Delivery cancelled same day - TWICE

Hello, hnwn,


Thank you for connecting with us. We sincerely appreciate you choosing Best Buy for the new washer and dryer. Knowing how important it is for services to be done on time, our goal is to complete deliveries and installations on the scheduled date. Provided the proper connections and accessories have been made available, this is something we typically accomplish. It sounds like there were a few factors that required your order to be rescheduled, which is never ideal, especially if you do not have a working laundry pair. Thank you for making us aware of what has transpired.


While you’ve mentioned a new delivery date has been scheduled, our team would be happy to review the order details, in effort to help ensure the next appointment is a success. We can also take the time to formally document your feedback on this experience, as we are extremely interested in what we can do to improve our service.


If you would like to send a Private Message, we can gather the necessary information. To get started, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature.



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