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Delivery cancelled 3 times - waiting 2 months for a range

I purchased a Samsung range along with a refrigerator on Black Friday (Nov 2018).  As I live in the city with no driveway, I need to reserve a street parking spot from the city for the delivery truck to park.  This requires time to go to City Hall during the work day, a $70 fee to reserve the parking spots, and effort to post the signs and leave notices on the cars and houses along the block a few days ahead of time.  One of the reasons I purchased from Best Buy was that I could arrange the refrigerator and the range to be delivered on the same day and only need to reserve the parking spot once.


Scheduled my delivery for morning of 12/15/2018; go to City Hall on 12/10 on my way to work (late into work) to reserve the parking spot for delivery truck.  On 12/15, the refrigerator arrives, but get a call from the installer who went to pick up the range from the warehouse and finds that it is out of stock. Given the parking situation, I'm frustrated and not sure what to do given the parking situation, but appreciate the call from the installer as there was no communication from Best Buy that the range would not be arriving.  I have to call Best Buy to find out what the issue is and explain about my the parking situation and the need to pay yet another fee to reserve the parking.  The customer service rep is empathetic, but can't do anything except to reschedule and tell me that I can request reimbursement only after the range is delivered.  I reschedule for 12/21.


I only have time to go to CIty Hall during lunch on 12/18, a 25 mile drive each way, to get the parking permits.  Friday 12/21, I take the morning off from work and wait at home for the delivery until 1pm.  No one shows up.  I have to call best Buy to find out what's going on.  Apparently, the range was damaged when the installer went to pick it up.  No call from Best buy or the installer.  I'm so frustrated and  concerned about all the money I'm spending to get the range delivered.  Again. I explain the situation with parking and that I've paid $140 so far and these no shows are costing me money.  Somewhat empathetic agent who can only reschedule and is more than eager to pass me off to some other department to find out what's going on.  Next agent doesn't really have more information, can only reschedule a new appointment and says that I'll absolutely be reimbursed for the parking fees, but only after the delivery happens.  Don't really trust that I'll get the full reimbursment.  Not really sure what else can do except try for a third time. 

Reschedule for 12/26, but I don't have time to get to City Hall on the afternoon of 12/21 to get the parking space reserved in time so have to reschedule for 12/28. 


Go into City Hall again on 12/24 to get the parking permit, spending another $70 ($210 spent on parking for the delivery truck so far).  On 12/27, the day before the delivery, I get a call with the delivery window. That night, I see an email from Best Buy that was sent earlier in the day that now my delivery appointment is for 1/26/2019!!! A month away!!!!! No explanation or anything, just one of those auto-generated emails sending an appointment time.  Seriously?  What happened to my appointment that I got a call from the delivery company confirming.  Another $70 down the drain.  I call Best Buy again in a panic to find out what's going on, I have a parking spot for a third time (my neighbors aren't very happy that I needlessly reserve a parking spot that's not being used), I wanted my stove for the holidays to do some cooking. Apparentlly it's out of stock again. I ask what I can get delivered the next day since I have my parking spot reserved. 


The customer service agent is actually super responsive, senses my panic and frustration, and is trying to help find a solution.  There's some confusion as the online site shows Jan 5 as the next available delivery/installation date, but her system shows Jan 26. She tries helping to find another possible . But generally she doesn't have any power to fix the situation and can only recommend that I go to one of the stores and try to talk to someone there.  Essentially I can't get anyting delivered for 12/28. I don't have time to spend going to a store to try to get something delivered sooner and at this point I don't even trust that any of the appointment dates that I get is real. 


At this point, I don't want to put any more money into reserving a parking spot until I get some kind of commitment that I can get reimbursed for all the failed delivery appointments.  Really, I'd also like for someone from Best Buy to go to City Hall and get the parking spots reserved, come and post the signs, photocopy the notices and distribute them the 2 days before the delivery, move the furniture out of the way, and then take a half day to sit around and wait for the delivery to happen (or not happen).  I know that's not going to happen, but I'm not sure why I'm expected to do this 4 times now.


Anyway, I feel so frustrated, hopeless and stuck now.  There's not really a good way out of this situation.  I can't cancel the order or that's $210 down the drain, plus losing the sale price of the stove.  I have no idea if this next delivery is going to happen or if I'm going to have to take a risk and  continue to put in more money, and I have no idea what kind of reimbursement I would even get if any.  Work and life has picked up and I really don't have the time to waste on all this.  I bought the stove in November because I wanted it in December and had the time to receive it in December.


Can someone who has the authority and power to do something, give me a call and make all this right?


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Re: Delivery cancelled 3 times - waiting 2 months for a range

Hello, CookingBetty!


Welcome to the Forums! Thank you so much for explaining what has happened since you placed your order in November. I can't say that I've had exactly the same experience, but I can definitely understand how having just one missed appointment would be less than ideal, let alone three. I'd love the opportunity to take a deeper look to see how we might be able to assist. I can't make any guarantees at this point, but I will do my best. 


Would you mind please sending me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and if you have it, the order number? The link is below in my signature. I will take a look into this as soon as possible.


Thank you!

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