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Delivery - appliance

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I have a rental property and their washer and dryer went out.  I have used Best Buy for my home and busines appliances and never had any problems until now. 


They were to deliver the washer and dryer on a Saturday.  My rentals waited all day and there was no phone call from Best Buy weather they were going to be late or changed the delivery date.  We called and all of a sudden, they are saying we have changed the delivery date to a Tuesday.  REALLY??? thank you for letting us know.


Well, they delivered the washer and dryer on Tuesday and hit the inside wall and damaged it.  I called Best Buy and they asked me all these questions and gave me a confirmation #{removed per forum guidelines}.  Then I receive an email telling me that I need to contact someone else. No, so wrong!


My contract is with Best Buy and not with the delivery people, so I expect Best Buy to fix my wall that is damaged by their delivery service company.


I even tried to call and left a message with my confirmation number and that is right no one will return my phone call. 


Very nice – I will never use Best Buy ever – I rather pay more for my appliances than use a company that is unwilling to help out their customers.