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Delivery and installation ordeal

I would have never imagined this nightmare for a fridge delivery and installation when I purchased it about 3-4 weeks ago. In short, today was my fifth attemp to have my fridge instaled, and once again it was not posible.
The fridge was purchased to be instaled in the second floor of my 3 stories home. I told the seller at the Richmond, TX store about it and asked it there was an extra charge for bringing it to the second floor, I also asked if a bigger crew was needed. The answer to both questions was “no”, so on December 01st (today is December 12) the fridge arrived, along with a washer and dryer, that were successfully installed in the 3rd floor. At the time of bringing the fridge, the delivery guys showed us a few dents and scratches on surface of the appliance so we rejected it. We were rescheduled for Wednesday Dec 05, that time the delivery guys told me they believed there was a problem with door not properly closing, I checked and agreed, so I rejected it for the second time. I was rescheduled once again for Saturday Dec 08, this time the delivery guys started complaining right when they saw the kitchen, that fridge wouldn’ fit in the space. We measured and concluded that fridge had the right size but probably the space between the island and fridge was going to be minimal with the freezer open (French Door fridge), so once again we rejected it. That time, we decided to exchange the fridge for a side by side one in order to avoid the possibility of the minimal space when opening and closing the fridge. On Tuesday Dec 11 (fourth attempt) the crew came with the fridge but they told me that space on stairs was too narrow and the fridge too difficult to manipulate by 2 people, a team of 4 people was needed, so they left the fridge in the garage and requested the team of 4 for the installation. I was rescheduled for installation today but it was unsuccessful because 2 people were sent as usual.
At this point, I have driven back and forth for about 5 hours (I live far away from the house where fridge is going to be installed), have cancel several appointments, have spent hours on the phone trying to speak with somebody because every time one department transfers my calls to another one, comunition has been lost. I have also been at the store 4 times. Today I was rescheduled for Friday the 14, but there were no guarantees that 4 people were coming. Now I am absolutely sure the issue has been always the same, the crews of two people didn’t want to take the refrigerator to the second floor and for some reason, maybe they even didn’t know, they never suggested the 4 people team, I just found out about them in the fourth attempt. I even think they damaged on purpose the fridge the first two times and the third crew didn’t want to use damage as excuse so they insisted on the lack of space. We could have saved all this time and disappointment by making the proper arrangements at the store, that is a bigger crew instead of the 2 who normally go in a truck. The delivery company is XPO Logistics.
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Re: Delivery and installation ordeal

Hello AA71,


Welcome to the forums! I wish you were reaching out to us under better circumstances, but I'm happy to dive into this and see if there is anything I can do to help. I recognize that this is a late response, the holidays are our busiest time of the year in the store and online is no exception. I hope that I can still assist you in finding a resolution to this. Can you please send me a private message using the link in my signature below, and confirm your full name, phone number, and email address?



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