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Delivery and Refund Nightmare

I purchased a treadmill on 11/26/21 with a delivery date of 12/16/21. Driver contacted me at the end of my 4 hour window to let me know they were running behind and would arrive within the next hour.

They arrived 1 hour and 40 minutes later in an unmarked white van with its back door hanging off its hinges and it was covered in rust and holes. No masks were worn, even though there is a covid surge happening in my city.

It was determined the product was too big for either location I'd xhosen on my home and I was told they would be bringing the product back to the warehouse and that I could expect a phone call to discuss options (exchange or cancel). No call window was given nor have I gotten that call to date.

12/17/21 I called customer service and was told I needed to wait for the order to be updated before they could do anything.

I checked the status every day for a week and on 12/24/21, it was marked as delivered and I was charged for the product and the delivery fee.

I called customer service again and was told this would be escalated and my money would be refunded. The CSR I spoke with advised I give it a couple more days behind the 1-2 business day window because of the holidays.

12/30/21 No word, so I call again and was told that it would take 7-10 business days to see anything processed with my bank. No update on what was done with the last guy.

1/6/22 I call my credit card company to inquire whether they could see any refunds in the pipeline and nothing. I call CS back and speak with several reps before one tells me he knows what to.allow for 4-5 business days for it to be processed.

Another order is placed for a pick up with a pick up.window scheduled a couple of days out. Thing is, there is nothing to be picked up.

1/9 I call CS back and tell th this. Pick up order is canceled.

1/13 I'm giving some case number to reference and to call back 36 hours, when it should be processed.

1/18 I call CS back as there are no updates. First rep cannot tell me the amount of or when a refund was processed. I ask to speak to his manage and am placed on hold for 30 minutes. I hang up and call back. Speak to another rep who "escalates" the matter, gives me a new case number and states that he will be "on this" until it is resolved. He even stated he would call me back in 24 hours with an update, which, given the current track record, I have a hard time believing.

11:45 pm that evening, I get an email from BB stating there is nothing they can do and refer me to another department.

1/19 I call CS back in a panic. Rep confirms my escalated case from the day before is still ongoing and that the email was for another case that had been opened in December.

The rep from 1/18 calls me back, confused they are still working on it. No time frame given.

1/21 I call back. First rep places me on hold and instead places me back into the queue. Second rep places Mr on a series of holds while they're "checking" on the matter and doesn't come back to the line after the 2nd hold. Thirty minutes pass and I disconnect the call. I call back. Third rep states escalation is still in process and takes 5-6 business days to process from the date it was first escalated. I ask that someone call me back with an update no later than 1/25.

I get several emails over the weekend: a return order request with a pickup scheduled (again), a receipt and then a cancelation of the return.

1/25 I call back as I haven't gotten any calls and rep tells me they need to re-escalate my case and that I should receive an update in 24-48 hours.

Really??? Is this how you all do business? For starters, who dropped the ball in December? Make that a training opportunity and correct the issue already. This is not how I wanted to spend several hours a week kicking my 2022 off. Just process the refund!
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Re: Delivery and Refund Nightmare

Hey, nitab213,


We truly appreciate you taking the time to connect with us on this, and given you never received this treadmill I can understand being concerned that you have still not seen your refund. I can also say that this delivery team should have taken precautions in regards to Covid. I would love to look into this for you. Can you send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and order number? To send me a private message simply click on the message button in my signature.



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