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Delivery and Installation of Dishwasher - Horrible


First off, I want to say that with my first purchase through Bestbuy,com I didn’t have any issues at all.


Secondly I have to say how upset I am at the fact that myself as a customer can not get notified in a timely manner regarding my purchases. Also I was lied to about the where abouts of my dishwasher. I purchased a dishwasher online in February, I picked my delivery and installation time of March 3rd 2018 between 8am-12pm. Now I didn’t receive confrimation for my appt. but on the online account it clearly said march 3rd between 8am-12pm. On Saturday we had to make arrangements to be home for the appt, around 11:55am and we did not receive a call or email regarding the appt. I contacted 1-888-best-buy and was transferred 3 times in the process to what ever department would assist me. I was finally transferred to the Installation department, which was a 3rd party contractor who found my order and told me that they took upon them selves to reschedule me, when I was clearly looking at my order in front of me that said 8-12 March 3rd 2018. She explains that for no reason at all she would reschedule my appt, for march 7th 2018 between 8-12pm. Again we had to reschedule our time without notification, and rearrange our life to make it fit for Best Buy instead of the other way around. This is ridiculous, the way we were treated is digusting, transferred several times to speak with the Geek Squad and then the Geek squad couldn’t help us and transferred us to the Customer Care Center who then told us there was nothing they could do to assist and we were stuck, their words, with march 7th. So today March 7th between 8-12 was supposed to be the corrected date and time, we were notified via automated message that our appt was confirmed and they would see us in the morning, Well that was all a lie, today no one showed up, we checked our appt online and it said that our appt was rescheduled again for March 12th between 8-12. Are you kidding me ? – No notice just up and rescheduled the appt again, we contacted Best Buy and were given no actual reason that this occurred accept that they over booked us and we had NO CHOICE, so they picked a date a time for us, again with out our knowledge. So we decided to cancel the installation since it was so difficult to comprehend and asked that we just pick it up from the Greenwood, IN location where we ordered it from. The installation department told us, YES the dishwasher was there and they had no problem if we picked it up from there. We then contacted the local Best Buy in Greenwood, IN and said we would like to pick up our dishwasher what time can we come by, they told us, no we don’t have your dishwasher it is at out distribution/installation center and there isn’t anything that we can do.


Best Buy you need to correct this issue immediately, this in not good customer service. To have no respect for your customer and how you handle issues like this is uncalled for. I just want this issue taken care and not tossed around like no one knows what is going on.


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Re: Delivery and Installation of Dishwasher - Horrible

Hello mgalovic,


Welcome to the Best Buy forums!


It is very upsetting to read you were placed in this situation by our 3rd party delivery company and us. If I were placed in a similar circumstance, you can be sure I would be reaching out of help to get these items delivered also. Our contracted companies should be doing their best to stay in contact with their customers, while being professional, to provide accurate estimated arrival times, and the fact you’ve mentioned you received a different experience is disheartening.


I’d like to escalate this order to the appropriate support teams. Will you please message me with your full name, order number, phone number, and e-mail address connected to your account? I apologize for this experience and thank you for taking the time to write us.



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