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Delivery and Installation continues to dissapoint

I had two prior Delivery and installation issues with BestBuy - mainly installers.

Now this time is with delivery.

This is the 3rd strike Mr. BestBuy.


I ordered an appliance "Fridge" through my company rewards program. When ordered I have no idea who is the delivery company, where it is sourced from and when it will be delivered. 

Now I know it was coming from BestBuy but only when I missed the delivery.

BestBuy can email or text since they have my information however, they opt to use only phone calls and phone numbers with no name nor company name callerID so it calls looks like span (I am sure we all get span calls) so I don’t answer these. To make things worse, I have Voicemail to text service -- but the Voice mail was so bad and so low (like very very long distance) that my VM to text service could not recognize anything and therefore I was not alerted or notified of the VM.


On al all, with all the options and technology, receiving calls that look like span numbers and no proper VM, no email, no text is pretty bad.


Now, this -- you will have to admit its pretty bad.

The truck showed up to my house - supposedly around 9AM thereabouts and left a VM that will wait only 15 minutes. Again No VM to text recognition and span like number – no ID on CallerID. And now I have to re-schedule. BUT !! if the driver would have walked 20 yards up the driveway, we were having coffee and tea on the side of the house next to driveway and also have 3 dogs (Labs) that would have made a lot of noise. This means the driver never came out of the truck, did not dive up the driveway and did not walked up the driveway and only makes calls with no caller ID and bad VM that the VM to text service cannot recognize. Really, we are in 2019 and so much we have at disposal not to miss a delivery ?


At the end – BestBuy / deliver company have so many options to make good on service but turns into a frustrating event. Because when I decided to call back the number – one hour later – I cant have them (just one hour) deliver for today and cannot even reschedule a date today because the driver needs to bring the item back to BestBuy store and into deliver inventory to be able to reschedule – system do not talk to each other.


At the end, me and wife were home but had no clue that fridge was 30 yards from us.

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Re: Delivery and Installation continues to dissapoint

Hello, chicomcchico, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting about your recent delivery experience on our forum. I'm sorry to hear you missed the delivery phone calls for your refrigerator. I can understand your frustration with this experience, especially since you and your wife were home while the driver was apparently outside. 


That being said, I'd like the chance to dig into your order and delivery further if you'd like to send me a private message including your full name, email, phone number, and order number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below.


Happy to help,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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