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Delivery and Installation Worst I've Ever Had--Feared For My Safety

I purchased an LG refrigerator from Best Buy in the fall of 2017. It has been nothing but a giant headache—the product was bad and the service that I received from Best Buy during that time was simply abysmal. The product was deemed to be beyond repair after an outage in May 2021.  I was consistently told that the one refrigerator that would fit in my space was not in stock at Best Buy, and further that there was no indication of when it would be available from Whirlpool; however I continued to check on my own, and on July 20 I found the product and simply called the exchange team who had really been a disappointment to me anyway and told them that the product was available on the Best Buy website and asked them to arrange for delivery and installation as well as pick up of the LG. The time was set for Saturday, July 24 originally between 7 AM and noon but that was later refined. In preparation for the delivery and install,  I did a lot of things on Friday night.  I recently had back surgery,  however I pushed some large flower pots pots on the porch back as much as I could to make sure that they were not in the way  In the  house itself, It was clear to me that you could get the refrigerators (existing and new one) down the hall, however the dining room access from the hall provided even more room. To make it even easier,  I moved the two chairs that were at the dining room table on the side closest to the travel path totally away from the table. I also rolled the rug up as far as I could—to the center legs of the table. I have a handheld vac that I use every day however I wanted to make sure it wasn’t in the way. Although it’s small, I put it in his cradle which is where it stays anyway. It was plugged in and it was actually somewhat behind a dropleaf table. In the kitchen, I  moved the chair that was closest to where the refrigerator would go, and I pushed the table as far as I could get it, away from the refrigerator area.  I wanted to make sure that there was nothing in the way, and I think I did a good job.


On Saturday morning when the installers arrived, I noticed they were not wearing masks. I asked them about it and I don’t know their names but the taller one said no they didn’t wear masks—that was not a requirement. I told them that I read on the Best Buy website with the instructions for delivery that I was to wear a mask and installers would be wearing masks.  The taller one said he didn’t know why Best Buy put that on the website because it wasn’t true and they didn’t have to wear masks; they did not put on masks; they simply refused to do it.  Before they brought the new refrigerator in and took the other one out, the tall one asked me to show them where the waterline was in the basement.  I walked down to the basement with them and the taller one asked me some technical questions about installing the waterline, and I told him that that was beyond my purview and he should know how to do that and if he didn’t he needed to call somebody else but I had absolutely nothing to do with the actual knowledge of putting in a water line. Then he said I didn’t need one anyway, and he would give the one that he had in his hand to me and I could take the one back.  Then I told him repeatedly that I had been told by the exchange team that even though I had a water line that I needed a new one and Best Buy would not hook up a new appliance to an existing waterline. I repeated several times that I didn’t want any issues down the road about a new refrigerator connected to an existing waterline and they assured me I would not. During the installation process I heard something in my hallway which sounded like items dropping on the floor and all kinds of things being turned over.  I didn’t know what it was so I headed to my hallway towards the front door and only to see so many of the items on a table all over the floor, such as dried flower arrangements, delivered packages, and I asked them what were they doing.The table was out of place.  They just said they moved  the table, which was obvious. I said “oh no, you are not supposed to do that without asking me”. I further told them I did not want them doing that anymore. I clearly said  if they needed to move anything else they were to check with me first. As I looked, I could see they had just literally thrown some of the items from the table in the living room. I clearly told them everything had to be put back on the table that they knocked off and the table had to be put back in its original place. I also noticed that my storm door was still propped open after they had gotten the old refrigerator out and brought the new one in, so I asked the taller one if there was anything else that needed to be taken out or brought in that would require the storm door to be held open on its own. He rolled his eyes and said he had to get out; but that didn’t mean having the door propped open. He eventually went and closed the door, only after I emphasized that I lived on a busy street at a bus stop in a city, plus I  didn’t want my house full of mosquitoes and flies. When the taller one said he was finished, I thought I would walk to the door with him him, especially to see if the table they moved and its contents were in place.  As we got into the dining room which I had not been able to see because he kept the refrigerator door open the entire time and it obscured the view of the dining room, I was horrified. It looks like somebody had just trashed so much of the whole room. There  was a box with the dimensions of 17” (width and depth) and 29” (height),that I kept in a corner nowhere near the path that they had to use to get in and out of the kitchen. In fact, the space from the corner to the door opening was 34.” When I came out of the kitchen, the box was in front of my HickoryWhite China closet, on the other side of the room.  Why?   Check out the prices of that furniture these days. Also, there were Trader Joe’s paper bags which were clearly in the same corner with the box, not in the way either, just thrown in front of the China closet. There was a box which is so heavy I still have not been able to move it; with some mirrored placemats that are extremely heavy—that’s why they were in the corner totally out of sight. One of your contracted installers put them at the front of my dining room table on the floor so I have not been able to use that space at the dining room table since they left; they put the handheld vacuum cleaner on the folded portion of the rug. I don’t know how they found it because it was behind a dropleaf table plugged into an outlet in the baseboard.  Why were they even touching things like that. It might not work. It’s not been charged since they left.  There was a piece of molding from the old refrigerator leaning on the China cabinet. They should have taken all trash with them. There’s a tote bag from a museum that was in the corner, they just threw that out in the walking path.  I noticed that the taller one was getting ready to leave and I asked him about the waterline again this time he claimed that it was too short, that I needed a 20 foot line. That’s strange because the one that’s in use now is a 6 foot, the same as what they brought I have the box from 2017 and it’s the same as what’s in the box they brought last Saturday. I was horrified! I asked the taller one, since he was the only one that I saw in the house at that point, if he would move the box that I described back to its location in the corner.  He just shoved it over in that area and not surprisingly some of the items that were on top of the box fell off. As I said, I recently had back surgery so I don’t bend over and that’s not my place to pick such things up anyway.  None of those items should have been moved. I asked him to pick the items up that he pushed off the box and he refused. I asked him a second time to pick them up; he refused again, then I told him if he didn’t pick them up I would report him.  He was very surly and nasty and looked at me and said you just report me then,  and here’s my name. He sort of grabbed his shirt and tried to put it in my face. Well I certainly wasn’t interested in getting close to him without a mask, not at all. so he stormed out.


There are even more things than this. You should just see the Styrofoam that the two guys kept putting on the floor. I gave them plastic bags, but they kept just disrespecting my property and just put all kinds of pieces of Styrofoam on the floor I tried to sweep them up and the tall one said that I could sweep when he left. I told him no because he continued to put Styrofoam on the floor and  walk in it and just track it all over the place; that didn’t seem to matter to him. I have pictures of how much styrofoam there was left on the floor. After they were gone, I soon received a phone call from someone who didn’t identify herself who asked me if I had a delivery that day because she wanted to see how it went. I asked her who was; she still didn’t identify herself. I told her it was horrible. She was saying something and I could not understand her and I told her that I couldn’t understand her she’s asked me if I could hear her I told her yes I could hear her but I couldn’t understand what she was saying because it sounded muffled; she hung up on me. Not surprisingly I called that number and got no answer. I called so many different Best Buy numbers shortly after that trying to get someone to take some notes about what happened so I could file an incident report, to let someone know I felt threatened and was extremely concerned for my safety, and to find out where we go from here. I finally talked to someone who said she was in Geek Squad authorized networking, named Janet. She said someone would call me on Monday, July 26. Not that I thought it would happen, I’ve never heard from anyone. I asked for a contact number. She gave me 1-800-237-8287. I verified it three times. That is a number for Adam’s Manufacturing.
When I realized the doors were scrubbing, I called 1-800-433-5778. After being on hold for an hour, I was told that I shouldn’t be calling that number. I called again and was bounced from Tess to Victor, who assured me someone would call me on Sunday. Still haven’t heard from anyone. I called again on Sunday and got Irene. She set up service call, but nothing about damage of my property and behavior of delivery people I was forced to endure on July 24. I called again on Monday, July 26 and talked to Johnny. He does not have good listening skills at all. I had such a hard time getting him to understand I didn’t need to change the appointment. I was pretty fed up with promises of call back. I held on the phone for over an hour. Johnny kept putting me on hold for 35 minutes. I finally got cut off!  Therefore I have no idea what is happening with resolution of this serious complaint. One box is entirely too heavy for me to move. I need to pay someone to move it. I can’t allow it to stay there forever!


As I said in my subject, Best Buy is creating situations that are inciting violence. People, including me, work hard for their income. Tolerance for a rude, maskless, nasty people who throw your property down wears thin and will not be tolerated indefinitely. Everybody has limits. I could easily see a physical altercation. Further, if Best Buy hires people who flagrantly disregard rules, such as not touching property unless it is a necessary part of the move and/or  agreed to by the home owner, then Best Buy is just asking for trouble. Neither one of them had any reason to be in my dining room, other than walking through it. Dumping trash in someone’s house is utterly ridiculous. Somebody needs to get a handle on this ASAP. With all that people have to deal with, nobody has time for such disgusting behavior. If you don’t, it’s going to come to a bad end. I have tons of pictures that someone needs to see.  I’m sure I can find someone to take a look. I NEED AN UPDATE ON WHAT BEST BUY PLANS TO DO NEXT AND A VERIFIABLE TIME LINE.

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Re: Delivery and Installation Worst I've Ever Had--Feared For My Safety

Welcome to our community, ExpectMore,


Thank you for reaching out to us. A new Fridge can be a great investment in your home. My family had upgraded our own fridge this past winter, and I can only imagine how we went for so long without the additional storage space. A person’s home should be their castle, and we understand the privilege of being welcomed into your home to provide a service. Our Agents will do their best to perform their service while maintaining cleanliness and safety standards, and I can understand your desire to ensure that these standards are met. I’d be happy to learn more about what happened, as well as fully documenting your experience here at our Corporate Office.


To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

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