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Delivery & Installation Nightmare

Be prepared for a nightmare situation for delivery and installation.  Best buy uses third party providers and there systems do not talk to each other.  We had a Best buy sales rep come to our house to take measurements and recommend appliances.  We purchased a fridge, stove top, oven and microwave.  The fridge was supposed to be delivered first and when the team arrived they did not bring enough movers.  Our kitchen is on the 2nd floor and they only came with a two man team when four was needed.  I would have assumed the Sales Rep would notate this but I guess not.


The next day the crew showed up to install the oven and stove top.  We were then informed that modications would need to be made to our wall unit and granite to fit the oven and stove top.  The sales rep never made mention of this and this came as a suprise.  We were then told we'd need to reschedule since they didn't have the tools on them to do those modifications.  We called best buy support and they opened a ticket to resolve the modifications.  


The next week the installtion crew showed up to install a fridge.  To our suprise they showed up with a two man crew again and NO fridge.  They assumed the fridge was left out our house but we have no where to store it while we wait for them.  When we called to follow up we were told a note was put in the system for a four man crew (it wasn't) and that we were reschedule for 6/30 & 7/1 for installtions.  


On the evening of 6/28 we get a text message that they team is showing up to install something?  What team?  Why are they coming?  We call once again to cancel and let them know a mistake has been made at that we have appointments for 6/30 and 7/1.  I'm told by a call center rep that our appointment is cancelled and when I spoke with yet another rep they confirmed our 6/30 and 7/1 are still good.  Low and behold, we get emails and text from the install guys they are on their way 6/29.


This whole process has been a mess.  No one knows what is going on and the delivery is horrible.  I'll never order from Best Buy again.

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Re: Delivery & Installation Nightmare

Hello, skohomesearch, 


Welcome to our Community Forums!


We appreciate reaching out and taking your time to share your experiences with us. We find it never ideal with any ongoing appliance delivery and installation issues as this can be quite disappointing and far from the level of services we strive to provide. 


We apologize for any inconvenience and frustration caused by this order, and we’d like to ensure any upcoming appointments are addressed accordingly as we never wish for any customer left feeling as you’ve described. To get started, and in addition to formally documenting your feedback, we ask that you send over a Private Message with your:


*Full Name

*Phone Number

*Email Address

*Order Number


Be sure to click the blue button next to my signature so your information remains secure from the public view. We look forward to hearing back!



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