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Delivery Service is not reliable

I ordered a treadmill on 2/20/22 online and scheduled an appointment for delivery for 3/4/22. The timeframe given was from 12pm - 8pm. The delivery person called me early the morning of the delivery date so I was hopeful. Waited all day and received a call from the same delivery person at 7pm saying due to how late it was if it was okay to reschedule first thing in the morning and that I’d be first in line. He said between 7am - 10am. I agreed given how late it already was. Next day, I texted this person at 9 am and asked if they’d be here soon. I had errands to run this day and wanted to make sure there was no delay. He texted me back saying “ 10:00am- 12:57pm- We are loading and you are the second CUSTOMER. ” so the time changed once again, but okay fine. Waited some more. 3pm comes around I texted him “hi will you guys be here soon?” No response. Texted again @ 6 pm, “ are you guys not coming?” His response: “The haul away and the distances beat down our time. All other job has been rescheduled. We apologized for the inconvenience.”…. Since I was supposedly second in line…am I understanding correctly that the 1 appointment before mine took the whole day? And I was not given any update until I reached out. Such a disappointment. I get these are contractors through Best Buy, but please do better.
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Re: Delivery Service is not reliable

Hello, Gly16.


I'm glad that you reached out to us for assistance but disappointed in the experience you've had with the delivery of your purchase.  This is not what we like to see with any of our customers when communication with our delivery team is key to have that great experience.  Can you send my a private message with your full name, email address, phone number, and order information so I can follow up with you on this issue?  I look forward to hearing from you.


Derald|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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