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Delivery Resulting in Property Damage

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I purchased a LG refrigerator and Whirlpool dishwasher from Best Buy located in Fairview Heights, Il. The appliance staff was great. Aaron, our salesperson, was very knowledgeable and helpful. We decided to purchase a new dishwasher and an open box refrigerator. We were assured it wouldn't go back on the floor if it didn't work. We set up delivery and everything went smoothly. Delivery went smoothly. They were very professional and had everything taken care of quickly.


The problems started 8 days later. The LG refrigerator stopped working. We lost $90.00 of food. We worked with LG who was terrible. I troubleshot with them over the phone. We determined it was a compressor problem. They refused to do anything until a technician could come out to our house to verify. The problem was they had no technicians in the area to service the refrigerator. LG said to go to the store and the store would take care of it because we were inside the 30 day return window. I contacted Best Buy customer service line to have a Geek Squad technician come out to my house. No appointments were available for a week. I was told customer service couldn't do anything because the refrigerator was an open box. It would be up to the store to handle the return/exchange. I went back into the store and spoke with the appliance center manager. The store did alright. The appliance center manager didn't have many refrigerators in stock. He spoke to the store manager and they arranged for an upgraded instock model with comparable features delivered and installed at no additional cost. They agreed to take back the broken refrigerator. The order number was {removed per forum guidelines}. Delivery was set up two days later. The delivery team showed up 40 minutes outside the delivery window. They left all the plastic/shipping wrap inside the refrigerator. They didn't set up the door in door, remove the plastic completely from the outside, or set up the shelves. All they did was haphazardly unwrap the outside and connect the waterline. I could deal with that because at least my refrigerator worked.


Delivery occurred on 19 December. 26 December I realized the exterior front door was not sealing during a winter storm. I inspected the door and discovered the doorframe was cracked on the hinge side. We had purchased the house less than a month before and no crack was present in the frame. The front door sealed with no issue. During delivery my front exterior doorframe was cracked. This occurred bringing the refrigerator into the house or removing the old refrigerator. The damage resulted in the front exterior door of my house not sealing. You can feel the draft along the door and hear the wind coming into the house. I contacted the store. They told me to contact Best Buy customer service. I called in and was transferred to a claims person. They took information from me and said they would e-mail me a claim number. After two days with no contact, I called Best Buy again. I was transferred to the claims department where I put in a claim. I was told I'd be contact within 3 days with an update. I never received an update. I attempted to get in contact with my claims case adjuster with no success. His name is Sean {removed per forum guidelines}. His phone number went to voicemail and his voicemail was full. I attempted to get in contact with him throughout the day with no success. I contacted Sedgwick CMS directly. Their General Claims line transfers you to voicemail. I attempted to contact his supervisor, Scott {removed per forum guidelines}. His phone number listed to the Sedgwick Best Buy claims department goes to the General Claims line, which goes to voicemail. After no success with Sedgwick (Claim {removed per forum guidelines}) I was advised to reach out directly to Installs Inc.


Installs Inc. provided me with incorrect information to resolve my damage claim. First, I was told neither phone number associated with my order could be found in their system. I was transferred to IKEA. I called back, explained the situation, and was told to contact North American Logistics (NLA) Group. NLA informed me I should contact Installs Inc. I contacted Best buy Geek Squad who assured me Installs Inc. performed the delivery. They told me to contact them again. I called Installs Inc. back and was told my order was picked up by a different company, Delivery Solutions International (DSI). Installs Inc. had located my order under the order number in their "IMS." I contacted DSI and was informed they have no partnerships or depots in my area. I contacted Installs Inc. the next day and asked to speak with a supervisor. The customer service line refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor until I had provided them a phone number or order number. After explaining the situation to customer service, they refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. They refused to transfer me to their general claims department. A supervisor has yet to call me back from Installs Inc. to resolve the issue.


This has been a terrible experience. Best Buy customer service seems to generally care and attempted to resolve my problems. The agencies Best Buy contracts with are horrible. Installs Inc. has given me the run around. Sedgswick has failed to keep me informed or advocate for me. I've spent way hours on this issue and it's still not resolved. I will never make a major purchase from Best Buy again. 

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Re: Delivery Resulting in Property Damage

Hello Throwaway111,


Welcome to the Best Buy forums and thank you for choosing us for your dishwasher and refrigerator purchase!


I appreciate you taking the time to join and write us about the damage you found happened to your home. Having the need to work with an insurance company is complex enough without it being complicated by communications issues, and no resolution or communication forthcoming since you reached out. I was quite discouraged to read of your situation and I regret any inconvenience to you. I'd like to help if I can, but will need some more details to begin.


I’d like to look into this further for you. Please send me your full name, phone number, Customer Service PIN off your receipt or order number, and e-mail connected to your account. To send it, click on the blue “Private Message” button next to my signature when logged in.


I look forward to your reply!

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Delivery Resulting in Property Damage

Update: The damage is still not repaired. Installs inc. and the servicer sent a contractor out to my house to inspect the damage on Friday. I didn't agree to any repairs. I wanted to see an estimate of what the work. Today, I received a call from Installs Inc. confirming I had agreed to repairs. This is starting to get shady. I'm now at almost a month since my front door was damaged. I can't stress enough how this impacts my heating bill and security of my newly purchased house.
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Re: Delivery Resulting in Property Damage

Hi again Throwaway111,

Welcome back to the forums. I’m sorry that you are still having issues with this.

I see that you’ve also sent in a private message about this. I’ll shortly be sending you a reply to that message with some next steps.


Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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