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Delivery Rescheduled, No Follow Up, Where is my appliance and resolution?

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ello and good morning-
Issue: We were due to have our refrigerator delivered Saturday 7/31 between 12p and 6p- we received a phone call that morning of 7/31 at 6am PST sharing there was an issue with the "trailer" and could not get the appliance from the warehouse to our home. I asked, where the appliance was since we have a truck we would simply go pick it up. We were in need of the refrigerator on Saturday due us moving into a new home and medication that needed to be stored with then also having two children. The team member on the phone could not answer that question for me and instead said "i don't know, we now however have you scheduled for Wednesday August 4th, the time window is not set yet". My reply then was asking to speak to a supervisor. He said one would call, which never happened. We called the CH Best Buy location in an attempt to follow up, got the automated message that the location was not receiving calls, selected the prompt to be transferred to the department for appliance delivery and unfortunately was on hold for 35 minutes with no results of an agent taking our call. Thus, we decided to come in person to find a resolution and seek clarity. 
We then came to the Citrus Height location and spoke to a Mr.  Timothy {Removed per forum guidelines}
on Sunday- he shared it was a 3rd party who was handling our delivery and could not contact them at that moment but would send the manager a message asking to confirm when in fact our delivery was- as he did not see it was scheduled for a specific day, only that it was "rescheduled for a future date" & to request them to contact us. It is now Tuesday 8/3 afternoon and I have not heard back from him nor anyone from the 3rd party company. 
We do appreciate his willingness to discount a mini-fridge on Sunday for us to purchase to use for my medication. We do need resolution here however. I am sure you can imagine the frustration.
Looking to be reconnect with on the following:
- The 3rd party company name & manager's name in which Mr. {Removed per forum guidelines}
contacted Sunday 8/1 after we left the CH location
- Mr. {Removed per forum guidelines}
mentioned he may be able to request our delivery be expedited before the Wedns 8/4 delivery that the team member said we were rescheduled for. However since we did not hear back from him/the delivery company yesterday and still havent i am assuming it did not get expedited. So, for Wedns. 8/4 what is the delivery time window as my husband and i both work and need to ensure we will be available and be home for the delivery.
- Sharing what compensation will be taking place here, as I shared i had to toss a day worth of medication due to the issue, with then also the lack of customer service here of not getting clear answers, no follow up and the inability for our family to have groceries in the house for a family of 4 due to no refrigerator from the expected/confirmed delivery date of Saturday to now Tuesday to the unknown date of when we will receive the appliance. On the phone the agent mentioned a $50.00 gift card and said it would be emailed, we have not received anything and I am sure you can agree that a $50 gift card to use at Best Buy does not assist in the loss we incurred.
I look forward to hearing back from you, a manager or the agent from the 3rd party company you are partnered with.
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Re: Delivery Rescheduled, No Follow Up, Where is my appliance and resolution?

Hello, kramoscooper,


Thank you for connecting with us! We see that you sent over a message privately and we will be responding there soon.



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