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Delivery Problem — worst customer service experience

We ordered our refrigerator more than two weeks ago and it hasn’t been delivered at all.  The first attempt, delivery crew told us they needed 3 people to install because installation area is on the second floor.   We specifically told the sales rep this when we first bought the ref and somehow the info didn’t make it to the delivery crew.  So they left the refrigerator in our garage and told us to call customer service.  We called and was told it would take a few day to escalate and get a 3 man delivery crew out to us.  The following week, delivery crew came back to installl the ref but only to find out that item is damaged out of the box. So delivery crew left the refrigerator again in our garage and told us to call customer service only to be told that our case manager will call back.  We waited for days and case manager never called back.  After numerous phone calls we finally got a delivery date for the replacement scheduled today 3/29.   To our frustration, the replacement is once again damaged out of the box!  So the delivery crew took the replacement and left the other damaged ref in our garage.   We called customer service again, at this point we know the drill, they won’t deliver the replacement same day, we have to wait AGAIN, for a few days to hear from someone.  Right now, we have no refrigerator (except for a damaged one sitting in our garage), we are unable to cook or do groceries and have been eating out since we moved in our house.   Not once, in the numerous calls did a customer service rep offered us compensation of some sort.  I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND BEST BUY TO ANYONE EVEN TO MY WORST ENEMY!!!