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Delivery No Show

I bought 3 major kitchen appliances at a Best Buy outlet Eden Prairie, MN  on Feb 13th (Order number- 1122044799548)  and requested installation/technician services as well since we would move to our new home on 3/01. 

All got scheduled to be delivered on 3/1. We were so glad that those would be ready to use when we moved.


On 3/1, I got the call from driver that they will be reaching in 45 min. after 2 hour they asked me to text address on their personal mobile but I waited whole day and nobody shows up. I got call my Geek squad and they told me driver is not able to locate can you confirm the address, and I did they said yes they can locate the address and will talk to dispatch and call me back and guess no call back. I did call the geek squad and they told me driver was lost and he moved to next stop (although I have delivery from FedEx, ups and internet installation and everyone able to came through except this one). They said only available appointment is on 7th march I said I don't want that it's not my fault and I was told they will send the report to back office and will try to schedule it tomorrow (3/2).


On 3/2 no delivery, no call/text. I called the geek squad again they said we didn't hear any response yet please allow 24-48 hours and we are going to escalate this. we might be able to get you in today.


On 3/3 (Today), I called them again and was told we don't know if will get response from back office next available schedule is 3/8 which they book and told me if something come early they will deliver it. I said my grocery food is getting spoiled who is going to compensate that, it's not my fault. atleast give me loaner small fridge until you deliver it. they said it's not possible. I said how you make sure it's not going to happen on 3/8 and then you will give another next week appointment date. they don't have answer. not sure what to do but this is not expected from BestBuy 


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Re: Delivery No Show

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Hello, Chamoli1983.


Welcome to the Community Forums! We are happy to have you here. Although, we wish it were under better circumstances. Congratulations on the new home! I know getting everything coordinated is crazy, so I understand how having your appointment fall through isn't ideal. I would be happy to take a look at this for you.


To get started, please use the blue button next to my signature to send a private message with your name, phone number, and email. Thanks!




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Re: Delivery No Show

DM the info