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Delivery Never Arrives (4 months & Counting)

I'm having trouble with an order for an elliptical. I am a Totaltech member ($199.99 annually, which is supposed to include delivery and installation on this order).


I placed an order for the first elliptical on 01/20/22. It was supposed to be delivered and installed with an old elliptical taken away. The original date was 02/23/22. The delivery window came and went, no one called me to say they weren't coming. On the contrary, I received a number of texts confirming my appointment and reminding me to be home.

I called customer support and the first agent apologized for wasting my day and offered me compensation. They promised they would look into my order and get back to me that night or the next morning. I never heard from this agent again. The next day I called back and got a new agent. This agent promised to look into the order as well. She promised she would call me back the next day. I never heard back. Eventually, I found out that my item was never delivered to the store. It seems to have been misplaced. Another item was "expedited" which resulted in another week of waiting for the new item to arrive. That item was also "misplaced". Finally, on 03/01/22 an agent suggested I simply cancel my order and place a new order. They said typically when items keep going missing like this, something is going wrong with the system.

On 03/01/22 I cancelled my order. The elliptical I originally wanted was no longer being sold on the website, which might have explained why it never arrived. I ordered a similar elliptical instead. I scheduled the delivery for the first available date on 04/13/22. I've received reminder texts and e-mails. Then this morning, the morning before the scheduled delivery date, I got a text telling me I needed to schedule my delivery. My 04/13/22 appointment was gone, and the next available appointment was 05/18/22.

As a Totaltech member, it's advertised that I'll "Enjoy VIP access to dedicated phone and chat teams. Get expert advice, product recommendations, appointment support and much more. Connect with us through a dedicated Totaltech support line, available 24/7/365.". So far, the same Best Buy customer service line as anyone else. It's advertised that I'll get "Free delivery, standard installation and haul-away with new Best Buy purchases. From TV mounting to installing a smart video doorbell, there’s a huge list of in-home installation services that we’ll do for free when you purchase your product from Best Buy. You’ll also get free delivery on Best Buy purchases and free haul-away for most TV and major appliance replacements." So far I've been waiting for an elliptical I ordered in January and the earliest I can now expect to get this order is towards the end of May. I haven't received any meaningful follow-up or explanation as to why I haven't received my order, why it keeps being postponed after delivery is scheduled, what is being done to ensure my product will arrive.

It seems like you're charging me $199.99 yearly for these services that you aren't actually able to deliver. I can't seem to get anyone's attention or to get any follow up on my problems. I keep getting told the same thing... keep waiting, please reschedule your delivery, keep waiting, please reschedule your delivery, keep waiting, please reschedule your delivery. Please help.

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Re: Delivery Never Arrives (4 months & Counting)

Hey, @DishSpoon.

Thank you for reaching out here on the Community Forums about your order.  I understand how having an order rescheduled or cancelled with no notice can be frustrating.  I'll be happy to take a closer look into this matter and offer any additional assistance I can. 

I am hoping you can provide me a few pieces of additional information to begin my research. Would you mind hitting the blue "Private Message" button in my signature to send me your full name, email address, and phone number?


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