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Delivery NO-SHOW

My husband and I bought 4 major kitchen appliances at a store in Lynnwood, WA, around mid-January and requested installation/technician services as well since we would move to our new home on 2/26. 

All got scheduled to be delivered on 2/19. We were so glad that those would be ready to use when we moved.


On 2/18, we received a text that Bestbuy would deliver our appliances between 9 am and 12 pm on the 19th. That was the only text we received, so we thought all wouldo be delivered/installed at once. Turning out it wasn't true. On 2/19, a technician for only installing the stove & refrigerator called my husband at 7 am and said they were at our new home. Since we haven't moved, we told him it would take us 30mins to get there, and the tech said they could only wait for 15 mins due to their policy. So, we missed them and had to reschedule (the others were delivered around 11 am, which was within the window period they provided via text). 


On 2/20, Bestbuy general customer service & the local store helped us reschedule the stove for 3/3 and the fridge for 2/23, which is today. As I mentioned above, we haven't moved in, so my husband had to adjust his work schedule to drive to the new place to welcome the tech & our appliance. He arrived the home before noon because they told him that the delivery would happen between noon and 6 pm while rescheduling on the phone. No one showed up past noon, and he decided to call the customer service to make sure they were on their way because we were worried and had already experienced their miscommunication. They confirmed our scheduled appointment again and told him that it would be delivered between 2 pm to 4 pm instead. Extra an unexpected delay, but it was okay with us. So, he waited, and no one showed again, so he called the CS after 4 pm. They said it was delayed and asked him to wait until 8 pm. Guess what happened. They didn't deliver. Literally, after waiting for 8 hours in the empty home, no delivery/installation and notification for cancellation were made. He completely wasted his time and ruined his day. So, he had to call them again to see what was happening. They said they were going to reschedule blah blah blah, and he asked them to reschedule before the moving date. They ended up scheduling on the 26th between 12-8 pm, which was the soonest time.


We feel like we need to prepare another delay on our remaining appliances because we can't trust them anymore. Please read the shared experiences here. You will easily find many people who have already experienced the same issues. It was a terrible experience with Bestbuy, and we no longer continue our membership. We are very disappointed and angry that they wasted our effort and time. We don't want to experience this again. I will update my experience on the remaining appliances later in the Forums. Let's see how it goes. 

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Re: Delivery NO-SHOW

Hello, joung3700,


Thanks for joining us here on the community forums. Although, I wish it were under better circumstances. Having a delivery rescheduled and no showed several times is never a great experience. I would love to investigate your issue and help any way I can. To continue please private message me with your:


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