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Delivery Issues - Not Happy

Good Day! 


I am trying to find out who I can contact as every number I have tried sends me to someone that just can't answer or do anything for me. I noticed now that I am being sent to a Virtual Assistant that is over in the philipines now to where I barely understand them. I had one person that all I could hear is the rooster in the background screaming. 


Purchased my new Whirlpool Dishwasher as a present to my wife as she has been waiting forever for anew dishwasher as our old one just went out on us. I promised her we would get a new one and get it delivered right away. I had it scheduled for 10/26/2020 and so I took the day off from work and dealt with the old dishwasher and waited around all day for Best Buy to come and deliver the new Dishwasher. 


I get a call after my delivery window at 6:15PM to have them tell me that we will need to reschedule and that they will not be coming. This made my wife very upset as we been waiting around for this new dishwasher all day. Thre person said sorry and the soonest now they can get someone to us and deliver the product is now Friday, October 30th between 7-1PM. I said that is unacceptable as I was told and promised a delivery date for that 26th. 


Here we are now having to wait another week. This is the worst servie I have ever experienced and now my wife is very disappointed as we still are without a dishwasher. I would like to have someone contact me ASAP and have it be someone from the US to really talk this over with me and explain to me why this happened and would like for someone to make this right!


Thank you

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Re: Delivery Issues - Not Happy

Hello, RSBrown7916, and welcome to our online community!


Thanks for posting on our forum for support, although I hate to hear about your rescheduled dishwasher delivery. I know how important it is to have this kind of appliance functioning in your home, and I'm hoping everything went smoothly with its scheduled arrival on Friday.


Did you receive your unit? I understand you didn't have the best experience with this purchase, and I'd like the chance to document your feedback and provide any additional assistance you may need at this time.



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