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Delivery Issues/Frustrations

My wife and I purchased a new gas dryer on Tuesday, August 13 as our old one died a few days prior. I decided to purchase the dryer from Best Buy because I have a credit card through them and received an email with 10% off an item for being a card holder for 10 years. The sales associate asked if I needed installation and I declined. He then asked if I needed the old one hauled away and I did so I paid the $19.99 for the service. He told me it would be delivered the next day, 8/14, between 12 pm and 6 pm. Since I work days I had to call off which was fine. Later that night (after I had already called off for the next day) I get an email stating that the delivery was narrowed to 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. I am somewhat annoyed that I took off when I wouldn't have had to but I could have looked passed that. 5:30 Wednesday comes and no call or update. I give them the benefit of the doubt and wait to call until 6:30. I am told the truck broke down and they were running behind. Why were we not notified about the delay? They then say the delivery will be there between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm. 8:45 rolls around and we still haven't heard anything. We call back and they now say they are just getting a rental truck and would be delivering the dryer at "maybe" 10 pm. That is unacceptable. We then spoke with a third associate who said that they can't deliver that late and don't know why we were told that. I understand that things happen and the truck breaking down was beyond anyone's control but why were we never informed of the delay? We then ask for the delivery to be rescheduled for the next day after 4 (since neither my wife nor I could take another day off work) and he said the best he could do was the weekend. We both work 12 hour shifts on the weekend and when we told him this he was very rude and said to just take another day off work. Unacceptable behavior from someone in customer service. We ask to have installation added on to the delivery for our troubles and he said the store would have to do that and it would change the delivery date. We finally get the delivery set for Monday, August 19 between 4 pm and 6 pm after being promised that time slot so both my wife and I could be there for the delivery as we have two rescue dogs who do not do well with having people at the house whom they do not know. Monday comes and I get a call from my wife while I'm still at work that they were there to deliver the dryer at 2:50 pm, well over an hour before our delivery time. My wife had to put the dogs in our room which upset them greatly. When asked the delivery men said they had the delivery time of 2:30 to 4:30. I have the email that says otherwise. After getting the dryer in the basement they then say they can't take the old dryer because they were not hooking up the new one and said they couldn't because we didn't have the parts from Best Buy. They said the associate who sold me the dryer should have told me that. He didn't. So they leave without taking the old one which I paid to have done and now I'm still without a working dryer. We call the store (around 3 pm) where we made the purchase and were on hold for an hour and never spoke with anyone. We then called the customer service number and were on hold for 30 minutes when finally someone answers. My wife explains what I have described to Pedro and he agreed that something needed to be done and said he would call the store himself. Once he couldn't even get through he said he'd email the store manager and then give us a call back when he heard anything. It's now almost 11 am the next and we still have not been contacted. What can be done about this as I am very frustrated and close to returning the dryer and buying it from a competitor?

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Re: Delivery Issues/Frustrations

Hello, philoneus,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. We certainly appreciate you connecting with us here, but I wish we were meeting under a more pleasant circumstance. When an appliance suddenly stops working, it is usually a scramble to get it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Our goal is to assist in getting that accomplished, and it sounds like things did not go as planned during your recent delivery. Having a very busy schedule myself, I can understand looking for support, and if you still require assistance, our team is available to see how we can help.


If you have not heard back from Pedro, you can always send us a private message by selecting the darker blue box next to my name below. Your full name, telephone number, and email address, would be required. Be sure to include the order number if you have that as well.



Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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