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Delivery/Installation keeps getting cancelled

I ordered an LG washer on June 8 with expected delivery on July 2. A few days before delivery, I recieved an email saying the delivery needed to be rescheduled and go to the online order status page. When there, the status still showed the original delivery date. After checking the next 2 days, with no changes, I assumed everyting was ok.


When I checked the order status online the night before delivery, it said the delivery needed to be rescheduled. The only delivery date was another month away. In chatting with a customer support representative, they told me they were able to cancel the original order and create a new order with delivery scheduled for July 7. Now, at 3:52pm (Hawaii Time) on the day before, I get another email saying they need to rechedule again. No explanation given for either cancellation. And now, the next delivery date is in August!


Why are my deliveries getting cancelled with no reason given and why do I have to wait 2 months to take delivery of a washer? Not acceptable.

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Re: Delivery/Installation keeps getting cancelled

Hello, 3kk0,


Thank you for posting about your experience and concerns. A delay when waiting for an awesome new appliance is never fun. While it’s hard to say what may be happening with your orders, from what you describe, it sounds like the washing machines you ordered may not have been available for the delivery on your originally scheduled dates. In such a situation, rescheduling for a date after the appliance is projected to be available or re-selecting a unit that is immediately available would be your best options.


As it has been some time since you originally posted, have you already been able to speak with another team about your situation? If you still need assistance, I would be happy to review your order details so that I can best advise how to proceed. For me to get started, I’ll need your full name, phone number, email address, and active order number. Keep that information secure by using the blue “Private Message” button next to my signature below this post.



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