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Delivery (I swear I thought it was a joke)

Just had to jump on and say I can't believe anyone would ever order a service from Best Buy after the last 2 deliveries I've had from them for TV's.


1st was last year, during the holidays, delivery was scheduled between 4-8 pm. We didn't get a call and it was going on 9pm when we called them and were informed the driver was running late and he would call us. At 11pm at night a white unmarked truck pulls up to our home and they slide the tv across the ground rather than picking it up, only lifting it once they got to our porch. They made some excuse about a tire going flat but the guy smelled of cigarettes and not just a little weed and couldn't stop smirking/laughing during the entire exchange. We called customer service and received nothing but an apology and assurance we could return the tv if we weren't happy with it. Needless to say we returned the tv a few weeks later and canceled our other major purchase from BBY.


Fast forward a year, and I've been had again. I found a deal I liked for a brand only BBY seems to carry, and decided it couldn't possibly be that bad right? Get an email last night confirming my delivery window from 1-3pm and someone will call me. At 1, I get concerned that no one has contacted me like the email says and call customer service RZ Elite Number. First person tells me yes, it will arrive between 1 and 3 and not to worry. At 3, no tv, no call. Call again and they transfer me to the warehouse, where I sit on hold for 20 minutes and the call disconnects. Call a 2nd time and the associate assures me he will talk to them before bringing me on. 3 minutes later I'm transferred to a hold line, and eventually get someone in California's warehouse (I'm in WA). That person tells me they called me this morning to tell me the delivery is from 1-3. I point out no messages were left on my phone, and it's past 3. She says it should arrive by 5. At this point, who cares. I'm probably going to return the whole thing again. I can't imagine how bad this would be if I actually was agreeing to let them into my house to hook up a tv, or a dishwasher, or a sound system. Why would anyone trust a company that can't stick to a timeline or reasonable customer service? I guess my RZ credit card will have to go in the trash, my Elite Membership will lapse, and some other competitor will get my site traffic / views and purchases from now on.