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Delivery Drivers state they were at my home today, but the Ring Video Doorbell says otherwise

I have waited for nearly a MONTH for delivery of a Refrigerator that I paid for IN FULL on 1/6/2020.  Delivery was to be today, 1/31/2020, between 7am - 11 am.    I am HOME today.   Sitting literally six feet from the front door... NO ONE has knocked on my door or rang my doorbell.   




Customer Service basically called us a liar.   They said there are photos as proof - I don't really care what they may have NOW showing that we "aren't home"... I have TWO ring cameras that clearly say NO ONE was at my home between 11-11:15.


Now, no one can reschedule delivery because they need to wait for the truck to come back tonight?


From ALL the other complaints on here about the Best Buy delivery and installation experience, it's clear that there are major issues with this team...,   But I didn't want a MONTH for a delivery of an item that is paid IN FULL for to be told "we can't help you".


Either have this appliance delivered IMMEDIATELY or refund my money WITH INTEREST immediately.   


Maybe there is someone at the corporate level who actually cares.... because so far Kim, Jessica, Matthew, Elaine and Sam (female) have been able to do NOTHING to assist, and don't seem to care except to call me a liar.

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Re: Delivery Drivers state they were at my home today, but the Ring Video Doorbell says otherwise

Have you verified the address on the order? The one time I was part of an issue that sounded just like this the delivery was set for the old address and both sides were completely right.

You most likely won’t get a reply here tonight or tomorrow from the corporate moderators, but they will respond when they reach your post in their queue.

The options presented are most likely not going to happen, once checked back in they can reschedule it for you. Obviously that would be dependent on available time slots. Anything outside of that would need to go through the local team as they would have to extend someone’s day or slip it into a cancellation. Working through the moderators here will slow that process and there will be a middle man between you and the local team. After it’s checked in, you could also cancel the order and request a refund. In this instance you would be entitled to the price you paid as denoted on the receipt. Hope this helps clear up your options while you wait for them to reach your post.
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Re: Delivery Drivers state they were at my home today, but the Ring Video Doorbell says otherwise

Hi, tcvanroy,


Thanks very much for joining the Best Buy Community forums. I'm sorry about that missed delivery, and the issues you've had with our customer service team thus far.


I think jdogg836 may have got it right here. Usually when we see no one is home, but someone is home, it is because of an address mismatch.


Please give us a call at (800) GEEKSQUAD or (800) 433-5778 so that we can look into this and try to find a solution to get that delivered for you.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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