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Delivery Debaucle - We Just Need Clean Clothes!

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Good afternoon,

I need some assistance. My husband & I are STILL waiting on delivery for a washer dryer set that is almost 3 weeks past the originally scheduled delivery date. The day before the first scheduled delivery we removed our set & hauled it away, being sure to do our part of the prep list to make it easy for you guys, but you guys never showed up - and NEVER contacted us to let us know you weren't coming. When the window for delivery passed and we called, only able to reach a call center in somewhere USA, we were told that in order for the delivery to be rescheduled the call center has to wait for the "geek squad" to cancel the delivery...literally no one could do anything until this was done, but that they would call us within 48 hours to let us know when it was cancelled so that it could be rescheduled. No one ever called. Every two days, we called back, still being told the delivery had not yet been canceled, so still couldn't be rescheduled. Finally over a full week later, I got a text message that our delivery wouldn't be arriving as originally took y'all a week to let us know you weren't coming & officially cancel our original delivery date...but that it would be about two more days before someone would contact us to one ever did, so we called AGAIN, recieved another delivery date...the morning of delivery, we get a message that you will once again be unable to make it, but will call us in two days to call, so we do...get a THIRD delivery date...that is three days of work, my husband had to take off in order to be home for delivery & hookup, three days for which he is not getting PAID...three weeks of trips to a laundry mat; that is time, MONEY, and extreme inconvenience in a house with dogs & kids and a ton of laundry piling up, and there is literally no one for me to talk to.The poor call center folks can apparently only reschedule...and only after someone checks whatever box has to be checked to officially cancel. They can't deal with the issue of why we are continuing to be canceled. Today was our third rescheduled date for delivery, and guess what messsage I got this morning??? Once again, you will be unable to make it, but will contact us in within two days to is this acceptable??!!

We passed on a separate washer and dryer set that had features we preferred, specifically because Best Buy had the closest delivery date. But with the continual delivery cancelations, we could have had the washer and dryer set we wanted at a different location for a lower price and still had it delivered earlier. I pay extra to be a total Tech member, because the last time I had a problem with my computer, the literal only way I could get someone to talk to me was to be to be one. It appears as though Best Buy customer service program is purposely designed to make it impossible for a customer to get in touch with anyone. There's no one at local stores to answer phones, and when I asked our call center representative who else I could call, if there was an email or phone number or someone I could escalate this to as it was a repeated problem, I was told there really wasn't anyone. I asked if I could go down to my local store, even though it is not close to us, and if someone there could do something. And they said that there really wasn't anything else to be done....what?? That someone from Geek Squad has to cancel, then they can just reschedule and there was really no other line of recourse for me. I had to do way too much googling to even find this forum...why would you make it so difficult for your customers to reach you??

It feels as though Best Buy is holding our money hostage with no washer or dryer, and although the thought of canceling the order and going elsewhere has crossed my mind every day because at this point, it's clear that your company doesn't deserve our business, but you keep dangling the carrot that the delivery will be rescheduled, and we are desperate enough for clean clothes that we're hoping that our originsl order will get here sooner than it would if we waited for a refund & started the process all over again with someone else. We just need clean clothes!!

My husband owns his own business, and he would never treat a customer's time & money so disrespectfully. It's a shame that a cooperation as large as Best Buy can't be bothered with customer service...even when you pay extra for it through your "Total Tech" membership.... Completely Unacceptable.

At this point we are beyond being satisfied with just an eventual delivery, which we were more than understanding about the first time and even SECOND time it was rescheduled...things happen...but this many things shouldn't be happening and we, as the customer, shouldn't be bearing the brunt of the consequences. I would like to know how Best Buy can help to provide some type of compensation for the loss of time, money, missed opportunity on deals at other providers, and EXTREME inconvenience that my family has experienced as a direct result of poor customer service & communication on your part. Please tell me that you value your customers enough to at least make an attempt to "make it right".


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Re: Delivery Debaucle - We Just Need Clean Clothes!

Hey there,

Trust us when we say that this is certainly not the level of service that we strive to provide, and we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to send us this message. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Feeling like you were not treated with the utmost respect is upsetting to hear. Our team works directly out of the Corporate Office, and we will be fully documenting this to ensure something like this does not happen in the future. That being said, I would like to assist here and see what is going on with this. So that I may, can you please send us a message with your full name, email address, phone number and order number?

I look forward to your response.



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Re: Delivery Debaucle - We Just Need Clean Clothes!

Hi again. Just following up. I sent two private messages in response to your message yesterday. I was able to view them last night, but do not see them any longer. Did you receive them? Thank you for your quick response. We were told by our delivery driver yesterday that we should expect a phone call from him personally to see if he could locate our dryer but, we didn't receive a call yesterday all day or one today either. I'm about to spend my husband's birthday at the laundromat because we still do not have a washer & dryer nor have we heard any news about when we will have one. Mind blown that it is o.k. to leave customers in this situation. If there were delivery issues, advanced notice would have saved us from getting rid of our other unit. I can't believe that not realizing there isn't a washer or dryer to deliver is a sudden realization one makes while in route to install... you guys have to know whether or not the delivery dates you are promising are feasible. Our home is in chaos bc none of us have clean towels, clothes, dog beds, etc.. My husband is out three days of pay, all due to your poor business practices & communication...please, please make this right. Every day that this is unresolved is an issue!