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Delivery Complaint

I can't believe the lack of customer support you get when trying to talk to the call center.  I was supposed to have a refridgerator delivered yesterday and it came damaged.  I understand that and sometimes stuff happens, but right now we are without a working refridgerator.  When we called customer service the first time yesterday, we were told I don't know when we can get another one out to you.  Then we get an email last night saying call to get a delivery appointment.  Okay, so I call and I'm told the earliest date is 10th.  I'm still without a refridgerator and the reason why we chose the one we did and who to buy it from was because it was in stock and could be delivered quickly.  When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was transferred to a different department who supposedly could help me and after going through the whole thing over again with the new person, I'm told there's nothing that they can do and it can be delivered on the 10th.  So again I ask to speak to someone in charge that could possibly do something to get an earlier delivery and I'm told there is nothing that they can do it's the system and no one can bypass it.  I've worked in IT for over 30 years and buy a lot of computer equipment from Best Buy to know that's not true.  I still asked to speak with someone and was told again well there's nothing they can do either and that there's no managers in and the only supervisor is busy with another customer.  It was suggested that I go to the store and see if they can force delivery.  So now I'm expected to leave work and take more time out of my day and go to the store.  This whole thing is ridiculous and I seriously will be evaluating whether or not I will ever use this Best Buy ever again for anything!!!!!!!

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Re: Delivery Complaint

Hello, psutide24,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums. A refrigerator is certainly one of the most important appliances to have working, and as someone who has been without one in the past, I understand having unexpected delays like this, is not welcome. While I wish you were reaching out to us under better circumstances, I'd be happy to look into your order to see what options there may be, at this time. 


Can you please send me a private message with your name, phone number, email address, and the order number? To send the message, you can use the button in my signature below. 



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Re: Delivery Complaint

It was a solution but got nothing further than what was originally done.  I received the refrigerator on the next available date and was still inconvenienced by not having a working refrigerator for 4 days after the first delivery date.  The loss and spoilage of food we had to throw away because of this and the inconvenience.  So basically nothing was done and no compensation for the loss or inconvenience.  

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Re: Delivery Complaint

Hello there, psoutide24.

We wouldn’t want you to think that we don’t care about what you and your family have had to endure. Loss of food is hard to bear especially when you’ve spent your hard-earned money to stock your home.  


We encourage you to file a food spoilage claim, and you can find the form to submit the claim here. Please submit the form via email at, fax the form to (952) 430-7852, or you can mail It to the following address:


GSP/Geek Squad Protection Reimbursements

Attn: GSP Reimbursements

7601 Penn Ave South

Richfield, MN 55423


If you have need for any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to help.

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