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Delivery Complaint

I, like many others, had a horrible experience with the delivery service you provide. I have been a Best Buy customer for years and can usually attest to fact you know you are getting quality service, but not after my experience yesterday.

After browsing multiple sites to purchase a refrigerator, I decided to go with Best Buy because of my prior experiences in dealing with you guys. It wasnt the price that influenced my decision because the same unit was actually a little more here.

I purchased the refrigerator for delivery on Friday and was given a time window of 7am to 1pm. So as a result I took off from work with the hope of going in after delivery, but that did not happen. I waited until 130pm before calling to check on delivery status. I was told the wait time would be 5 minutes, so I decided to leave my number for a call back. I never recieved a call back. I attempted to call back and someone finally answered after 30 minutes of waiting and told me they would be able to help me for me to hold on one moment. That one moment turned into me being placed back on hold for another 20 minutes before I decided to hang up. That is poor customer service after what I thought was going to be one moment. In the process of all that at 230pm an hour and a half after my delivery window expired in finally hear from the delivery team and they inform me that there was a gas leak at one of the sites and my delivery has been delayed. I was given a new time window of 4 430.

Well so much for going into work. What I thought was going to be a happy time, getting a new fridge, turned into a nightmare, but the story doesnt end there. Guess what, 430 rolls around and no sign of any delivery. The number I got the voicemail and updated status from now isn't picking up. I finally hear back at 5 and was given another excuse of there being an accident on the road and delivery has been delayed until 6pm when delivery finally arrived.

I had to revolve my entire day around this situation. Finally to the point where I couldn't wait any longer and had to inconvenience my family and make them wait the last hour because I had obligations I could not cancel. I was given a time window of 7am to 1pm and a 5 hour delay in unacceptable. I also received such poor customer service on the phone and never once got an apology. I would like to speak to someone about being compensated for everything I experienced with this situation today. I have been a shopper for years and have had nothing good to say about the company. With service like I experienced and apparently many others have as well, as evidenced on these forums, there is an issue that needs to be resolved to avoid losing customers such as myself. Please contact me to resolve this nightmare of an experience.