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Delivery Chaos and Incompetence

Just want others on here who seem to have similar issues to know they're not alone.

Ordered fridge, dw, and range in April.  Couldn't schedule delivery until June due to backorders, which we anticipated. We were charged MONTHS ago for these items.

June arrived and we received a text about a week before delivery date that our fridge was still backordered and couldn't be delivered and would be rescheduled later.  Not ideal, but fine.  Our primary residence is NOT at the delivery address, so this is a hassle because it means traveling to get there for delivery dates. But, this is a tale of dropped phone calls, HOURS on the phone, outright lies, and total incompetence.  I have the texts, the screen shots, and the phone records to support all of this.

Monday June 13 delivery date arrived

  •  got the text about delivery and all went smoothly - until they showed up with only the dw, as well as an order to haul away a dw (which we did not have).  Driver said there was no range for us in the warehouse! 
  • Called # we were given (India) after the crew left and were told that the driver did have the range on his truck! So, obviously we said we wanted them to come back and deliver it. We were first promised that would happen. 
  • Three phone calls later, (one dropped with no return call) customer service rep says that it cannot be delivered Monday, but promises that they will have it delivered on Wednesday, while we are still there. 
  • On Tuesday, we receive a text that it will now be there on Thursday. Except, my husband, who was in town for delivery, was scheduled to leave Wednesday night!  Frustrating, but he rearranged travel plans to be there for delivery Thursday.

Thursday June 16 delivery date #2 -Range Delivery expected

  • Got the text with delivery window. 
  • Got a 2nd text later, saying delivery would be in five minutes.
  • After over an hour, no delivery.  Called Customer Service in India.  She investigates and comes back and says that the truck broke down. Yes, supposedly the truck broke down just in those five minutes. My husband points out that the truck must be close by to have been five minutes away, so he hopes it can be delivered when truck is repaired.  She puts him on hold again and then says that yes, it will be delivered later today. 
  • Several hours later, we call to check on status of where it is.  I'm initially told that they'll need to reschedule.  I said that was unacceptable since this was already a reschedule.  After taking great pains AGAIN to make sure they have the correct phone number to call me back if the call is dropped, the call drops and I receive no phone call back.
  • Called back. Seemed to be ZERO history of any of our previous calls, so went through whole story again.  Call drops. No call back.
  • Called a third time.  This time, demanded to speak to a supervisor.  Weirdly, the "supervisor" has notes.  She keeps putting me on hold to speak with the truck driver  - supposedly.  Comes back and says the same rescheduling line.  I ask for HER supervisor.  He gets on and puts me on hold to read notes.  Comes back and tells me that the stove cannot be delivered because we didn't order something needed for installation.  I told him that at this point, I don't care about installation, we just want the range delivered that day and will figure it out ourselves.  He tells me he understands (their favorite line) and puts me on hold again.  Call drops.
  • Call back and tell the person who answers that I want to speak to someone at corporate Best Buy, in the US.  After some protest, I am given a different number, which just turns out to be 1800-BEST BUY.
  • Call 1800 BEST BUY and reach "John" who tells me he is in the Phillipines.  Frustrated since I wanted corporate Best Buy, but John seems to be WAY more competent.  Gives me Agent ID and assigns me a Case # after I tell him the entire saga.  I reiterate that we just want the range TODAY.  By now it was 4pm.  It takes him only a couple of minutes before he comes back and says, "I regret to tell you that you've been given misinformation.  Your range is not on that truck.  It is backordered."  That's right, the previous agents had been LYING to us since MONDAY.  We had rearranged travel plans, and work, and there was never going to be a range delivered.  John quickly offered to compensate us for work time lost and travel.  Confirmed address, etc. At this point, we told him we wanted range delivered the same time as the fridge.  He promised to call back when he had that arranged.  I was skeptical.  BUT, he called back to the minute when he said he would, the next day, and personally arranged the delivery date, which was yesterday.

Monday July 18th - Fridge and range delivery day #3

  • Got a text a few days in advance with delivery time and we were encouraged. Got another text with an even narrower window and we were more encouraged.  Made work arrangedment and traveled to residence to receive an AM delivery.
  • Used the link to track what # stop we were on delivery list.  We became worried when the number never changed in 2 hours.  THEN, we got a call from dispatcher that the truck had broken down and needed a part, but dispatcher promised to call back.  Flashbacks to June!  When the end of our delivery window approached with no updates, tried to reach "John" and get some assurances.  Instead, "Joel" said that the range was backordered until July 28th.  Obviously, we are livid at this point.
  • When the history is conveyed to Joel he supposedly reaches out to dispatch and tells us that the range IS on the truck.  We have no reason to believe him.
  • Hours pass and so we reach out again with Case # and speak to "Joan" (they are not creative with names) who also tells us that the range is backordered.  We persist and tell her that we were told it was on the truck (and again, have the screenshots showing that it is!) and then she cliams that the range will be delivered today, along with the fridge, after the truck is repaired.  Again, based on June, we have zero reason to believe this. She gives us ANOTHER case #, still not sure why, and says to call after delivery for compensation.  Still totally confused by that.
  • Miraculously, we get a text that our delivery was on its way and it was finally delivered last night after normal business hours- both the range that was supposedly backordered until July 28th AND the fridge!
  • Very frazzled delivery guy then claims that he only has order to haul away fridge. We show him the receipt showing that we paid for haulaway for fridge and range (remember that previously, they wanted to haul away a dishwasher which we had NOT paid to have taken away).  He had to call someone to get confirmation and finally, takes both items.  However, the team did not unwrap or install either the new fridge or the range - not their job they said! 

Takeaway here is to take your delivery date with a huge grain of salt.  Their customer service employees will lie to you easily and repeatedly.  BB seems completely unaware of what is on their truck, what is in their warehouse, and what's been backordered.  They have no idea whether you paid to have items hauled away or whether you paid for installation.  It's incompetence to a degree I have never experienced. 


At this point, we are just relieved to finally have taken possession of the appliances that we paid for so long ago!  Would we have them if we hadn't INSISTED on it yesterday?  Doubtful.  After literally hours on the phone and EXTREME inconvenience, will we ever purchase anything from BB again?   Take a wild guess.



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Re: Delivery Chaos and Incompetence

Hello, Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you reaching out and letting us know about your experience with this order. Having gone without major appliances in the past, I know that it can make every day more difficult than needed. I regret that this was the type of experience that you had, as . we take great pride in our customer service here at Best Buy, so this is certainly not what we like to hear . I would like to look into this for you. Please send a private message, include your full name, email address and phone number.



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Re: Delivery Chaos and Incompetence

UPDATE:  Received a private message last Thursday that BB would look into sending someone to retrieve our packaging.  At that point, we were 11 days post-delivery.  Friday, we get a random call from someone saying that they are at our place to pick up our packging.  We received no email, no phone call prior to that, no text message.  And we were not even in town.  So, the one time they DO actually show up, they don't tell us they are coming, and we are not there.  Beyond that, we had already paid to have someone haul away all of our packaging a week earlier. 

Meanwhile, we did indeed receive a GC for 10% of our purchase after the FIRST failed delivery.  Nothing beyond that.  We were promised by two different phone agents when they gave us our case numbers, that we would receive further compensation.  The Social Media Specialist on here just confirmed that there will be no further compensation for the hours of work lost, the additional travel, the time and effort required for us to unpack and move the appliances ourselves,  or the expense of having our packaging hauled away. 

Stay away from BB.