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Delayed Orders

Ordered a fridge from Best Buy on May 2, 2021 on when the fridge said it would be delivarable by early June.  Have to wait a month which sucks but went ahead and went through the order as I really wanted that particular fridge.  After ordering I proceeded to schedule delivery appointment and for some reason my first delivery appointment was July 29th.  That really stinks.  Called up Best Buy and they said the fridge is on backorder.  That's not what it said on the website when I purchased it, but fine.  It's the one I really want.  My current crappy Samsung fridge is on it's last leg but maybe it will last another 2-3 months.  We now come to July 29th and I learn that the fridge will not be delivered.  Getting a bit angry but understand with everything going on (chip shortage and whatnot).  Now my next delivery date is September 11th (hopefully).  


My issue is not the delay as I don't believe Best Buy can control that.  Their communication is bad as I did not know that the fridge would be delayed until the day it was supposed to be delivered.  They said that they will compensate me fwith a gift card once I finally receive the fridge which is fine.  My main problem is that they charged my credit card on May 2nd for $3,500, but I'm not going to receive the product till at least September 11th.  I understand that companies can do this (charge you before you receive your product), but on Best Buy's website it has the following in regards to Delayed Orders:


Will Best Buy charge my credit card for the item while it's delayed?

We won’t charge your credit card until the item is shipped. But if you used PayPal, your PayPal account was charged at the time you placed the order. 


I've spoken/chatted to a few people in customer service with no explanation.  I did not use PayPal, I used my Best Buy CC.  Can someone explain to me what I'm missing here?  Seems pretty clear that I should not be charged for an item that was delayed.

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Re: Delayed Orders

Welcome to our community, dotsmada,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Purchasing appliances can take careful consideration and planning. I myself have quite a busy family, and setting aside time for a delivery can be challenging in the best of times. I can understand your concerns if there may have been an unexpected delay, I would be happy to learn more and assist.

For your payment question, please note that large appliances are delivered, and not shipped. Because of this, the full purchase amount of the appliances is collected at the time of purchase. For clarification, shipped items include but are not limited to physical media, personal audio and computing devices, mobile phones, TV’s under 51” in size, small counter top appliances, and any other items that are shipped via a third-party courier like UPS or FedEx. I apologize for any misunderstanding, as we would never intend for any confusion.

In order to get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

Scott|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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