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Delayed Delivery + Damage

We purchased a refrigerator, washer and dryer from BestBuy that were scheduled to be delivered today. Two days ago I received an email saying the dryer was out of stock and the appointment had to be rescheduled. Since I was unable to do it online, I called customer care and they rescheduled the dryer delivery. However in the process of doing that, they messed up the washer delivery, which now has no appointment at all. The refrigerator was delivered today but the water line was missing. Additionally the refrigerator also came damaged, with dents and scratches all over. Very disappointed with the BestBuy customer service. I was on the phone with them for over one hour yesterday and no one could help me. This is our first time buying major appliances from BestBuy and it has been a thoroughly frustrating process.
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Re: Delayed Delivery + Damage

Hello, ElizabethT,


We appreciate you choosing Best Buy for this investment. When it comes to major appliance deliveries, accurate scheduling is extremely important. Our goal is to fulfill orders on the scheduled date, although there may be unexpected delays, which could prevent that from happening. When those rare instances present themselves, communication is critical, and our support teams should be doing everything possible to alleviate any concerns. Based on your description, there were a few factors that needed to be addressed, and we want to be sure this is properly resolved.


If you’re still in need of assistance, please send a Private Message. We will need to gather some information from you, before we will be permitted access to the order history. Knowing this is your first major appliance purchase with us, we’ll do all we can to offer any support we’re able.



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Re: Delayed Delivery + Damage

I bought a new TV and the installers blew a circuit and messed up my wall and I need it paid back.

No one will get back to me. I need a manager immediately

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Re: Delayed Delivery + Damage

Good Afternoon, ginalaborde.


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums.


Thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear about your installation experience, and can understand your frustration. I'd love to help. Please private message me with your full name, number, and email, so that I can look deeper into this matter and better assist you.


Kind regards,

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